Two iconic cities to explore

London and Paris two of the most iconic cities in the world, known for their unique landmarks, history, fashion, style and cuisine. What could be more spectacular than combining the two in a chic city break full of luxury and spectacular sights? Read more »


Kraków is one of Poland’s oldest and most preserved cities. Set on the Vistula River the city dates back to the 7th century and with architectural splendour surviving the Second World War unscathed, Kraków really is a city with intrigue that longs to be explored. Lining the streets of the city sit a stunning range… Read more »

The Geiranger Fjord

Nestled within the beauty of Scandinavia is the country of Norway, a country that oozes a natural magnificence. From towering mountains, glaciers, vast forests, unique fawner and eclectic plants to the dramatic a breathtaking Geiranger Fjord Norway is rich in stunning landscapes and natural beauty that is longing to share its splendour. The Geiranger Fjord,… Read more »

The Al-Andalus hotel train

Awaiting at the platform sits a line of delightful coffee and cream coloured carriages polished to perfection and oozing a sophistication so elegant the temptation to step aboard is instant. Built in France between 1928 and 1930 the Al-Andalus hotel train is made up of the most beautiful Belle Époque carriages that will instantly transport… Read more »

A quintessentially British day out

Within the grounds of a 105-acre garden sits a grade 1 listed house and stables that is a beautiful example of classical British history. With stunning architecture, manicured landscapes and an art collection that is rich in both style and history, Chatsworth House awaits for you to discover. Home to the Duke and Duchess of… Read more »

An Adventure in Peru

Machu Picch

Rather than voyaging to London for an adventure like Paddington Bear head to his homeland of Peru for an exploration of discovery and surprise on a journey like no other. Discover the wonders of his homeland for yourself on a holiday experience full of once in a lifetime moments to capture forever. Travelling with a… Read more »

Château de Chenonceau

Nestled within the beauty of France and set within the small village of Chenonceaux in the Indre-et-Loire département of the Loire Valley sits a stunning château that demands attention in the most theatrical way. Built between 1514 and 1576 in three stages following the designs by the French Renaissance architects Philibert de L’orme and Jean… Read more »

The El Transcantábrico Train

El Transcantábrico train

Within the Northern region of Spain is an area known as ‘Green Spain’ an area of breathtaking natural beauty rich in luscious landscapes and diverse nature. Cascading mountain views, rumbling rivers and deep mysterious canyons add drama to an area that is intriguing and vast. Clear blue skies set the scene for soaring birds and… Read more »

Thrilling stories onboard an iconic train

Imagine an adventure full of twists, turns, mystery and excitement. Imagine this adventure set within the atmosphere of vintage rail carriages so beautiful and unique it will feel like you have stepped back in time. Travelling on the iconic Belmond British Pullman you can experience this adventure. Step aboard for a vintage rail experience and… Read more »

Blenheim Palace

Journey in style on the Belmond British Pullman that has been lovingly restored and shows vintage rail elegance at its very best. Beautiful carriages with breathtaking details and bespoke craftsmanship show original 1920’s and 30’s masterpieces from the iconic golden age of travel. Each unique carriage shows Art Deco design in its most beautiful form… Read more »

Lake Garda

Crystal clear waters glistening in the light, dramatic reflections captured on the surface and air so fresh and invigorating it sets the senses alive. This place is special, natural and instantly draws you in, this area is like no other, this is Lake Garda. Nestled in Northern Italy and surrounded by the drama of The… Read more »

Natural Beauty in Zell am See

Zell am See is set upon the western shores of the Lake Zell in central Austria and oozes charm and sophistication set within the wonders of this stunning area of natural beauty. Surrounded by the Hohoe Tauern National Park and the Grossglockner mountain region Lake Zell creates a focal point that is fresh and peaceful,… Read more »


Imagine an artist’s palette mixed with the most varied colours of deep reds, burnt oranges, soft warm yellows, burnt umbers and terracotta. Then imagine these colours cast upon the stunning architectural forms of a city, in these two elements combined you have the landscape of Bologna a city so alive with unique colour and form… Read more »

Relaxing in Avignon

Palais des Papes the Papal Palace

Avignon nestled within the Provence region of France is bursting with history, a unique city that is longing to be explored and a place that is sure to leave lasting memories for many years to come. Known for impressive mixes of architectural styles, delightful cuisine, history and art, Avignon is an exciting place to spend… Read more »

The Cinque Terre

Italy by rail - Cinque Terre

Nestled against the coastal cliffs of the Italian Riviera sits a collection of villages so distinctive and striking. Known as The Cinque Terre the rugged coastline of this area is dramatic and daring yet is home to some of the most delicate-looking buildings that scatter the drama of the coast with pops of colour and… Read more »

A little time in Turin

Stylish, beautiful, eclectic and famous, of course, it can only be Turin. Well known for being the location of one of the greatest British films, ‘The Italian Job’, Turin is bursting with an energy that is exciting yet at the same time oozes a chic simplicity that creates a relaxed vibe throughout the city. With… Read more »

The Sagrada Familia an unfinished masterpiece

Dominating the centre of Barcelona sits an architectural masterpiece like no other. A structure that demands attention and a piece of work that would never be overlooked. The Sagrada Familia is a piece of architecture that is splendid in design, appearance and the unique fact that to this day this wonderful work is still unfinished.… Read more »

Exploring Lucca

Duomo di Lucca, Lucca, Italy

Nestled in the Tuscany region on the Serchio River the city of Lucca sits quietly oozing an Italian charm that is rich in history and is brimming with beautiful sights to see. Surrounded by Renaissance walls that encapsulate the city centre Lucca is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Beautiful trees line the historic… Read more »

A brief look at Budapest

Sitting on the banks of the River Danube, Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, is a unique city that is made up of two separate cities coming together as one. Crossing the Danube River is a 19th-century chain bridge and it is this exquisite piece of structural engineering of the Széchenyi Bridge that unites the two.… Read more »

Unforgettable moments upon the Belmond Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman Planet Rail Holidays

Full of natural beauty, history, tradition and adventure Scotland has something to capture the hearts of every visitor and escaping on a rail journey through the wonders of this land will create a truly unforgettable experience. The Belmond Royal Scotsman takes several different journeys, each offering a unique experience but no matter which route you… Read more »

A day in Moscow

Moscow the capital of Russia is situated on the Moskva River in Western Russia and is a vibrant capital rich in history and culture. With an impressive collection of stunning architectural wonders to admire this is a city brimming with sights to see and experiences to immerse yourself in. With so much on offer in… Read more »

The Venice Simplon Orient Express and the beauty of Art Deco

Awaiting at the platform sits The Venice Simplon Orient Express with shiny royal blue carriages and shimmering gold accents that glisten with enticement and intrigue. Full of the beauty of Art Deco and encapsulating the style, grace and glamour of an era of travel known as the Golden age, The Venice Simplon Orient Express is… Read more »

Beautiful Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse Bordeaux

Famous for being one of the most spectacular wine growing regions in France the port city of Bordeaux nestles nicely alongside the Garonne River in the South West of the country. With stunning Gothic architecture, graceful fountains, delightful cuisine and brimming with interesting sights to see a break in Bordeaux is sure to be beautiful… Read more »

The River Danube

Flowing with history and a very unique course the river Danube journeys through ten countries, more than any other river in the world, famous in so many ways and known all over the globe a break on the river Danube is sure to be magical and very memorable. Beginning in Germany the Danube flows south-east… Read more »

A gift with a difference

With Christmas fast approaching or maybe a winter birthday is on the horizon it can be difficult at times to think of special gift ideas for your family and friends but what about a gift that is a little different, a present that will build lasting memories and provide a unique experience like no other.… Read more »

Christmas shopping in Paris

Paris is the perfect place for a short winter break and even better Paris has some of the finest shopping experiences on offer ideal for ticking off that Christmas shopping list. A mini-break with sights to see and Christmas preparations all combined together, sounds like the perfect opportunity to take someone special and share in… Read more »

Barcelona at Christmas

Barcelona Christmas Markets

Spending time with family and friends is what makes the festive season so special. Making time to enjoy quality moments together away from the daily routines of work, education and busy daily life means the excitement that builds at this time is more magical. Sharing the sparkle, tasty treats and gifts together are precious and… Read more »

A mini moon with a little winter magic in Montreux

montreux-scenery planet rail

Whatever time of year you choose to get married escaping on a honeymoon is all part of the amazing experience. After the vows have been said, the celebrations with friends and family have been enjoyed the moment comes for you to escape, relax and reflect on all that has made your marriage so special. Having… Read more »

Celebrate the festive season in Venice

With the seasons beginning to change and the long summer days slowly getting shorter now is the perfect time to make plans for a pre-Christmas break. Heading on a city break is the perfect way to relax and prepare for what is often a busy time of the year and exploring the wonders of Venice… Read more »

Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi

Set within the beauty and grace of Florence sits an art gallery overflowing with artistic splendour, a stunning venue that is home to some of the most spectacular masterpieces in the world. An artistic treasure trove waiting to be explored and discovered. This gallery has something for everyone and is sure to delight. The venue… Read more »

Enlighten the senses at the Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh

Marrakesh in western Morocco is a city like no other, vibrant and bursting with colour, tradition and exciting sights to see you are sure to have a city experience you will never forget. Unique terracotta architecture sits against a backdrop of mountains and eclectic colour. Souks (marketplaces) that scatter the maze-like alleyways with things to… Read more »

Sights to see in Prague

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is brimming with history, art, architecture and beautiful unique sights that could only be found there. Select your comfiest shoes, pack a bag of essentials and don’t forget your camera as discovering the sights of Prague will be a memorable experience you will want to capture forever.… Read more »

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Orient Express Platform Check

Awaiting at the platform sits a glistening line of royal blue carriages with striking gold details depicted in the light. Prepared and ready for you to step aboard and experience a journey like no other, a journey that will take you on an adventure back in time to the golden age of travel. Years of… Read more »

Peace and tranquillity at Lake Bled

Set in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, Lake Bled is a scene of splendour like no other. Tranquil and renowned for its gentle healing climate and thermal waters Lake Bled is the perfect place to escape and unwind. A journey to Lake Bled takes you on an adventure through… Read more »

The beauty of Biarritz

Elegant and full of charm Biarritz oozes a coastal style like no other. Surrounded by natural beauty and landscapes to leave memories like a painting Biarritz has a lot to offer and so much to explore. Set on the South West coast of France with views of the Bay of Biscay, Biarritz is the perfect… Read more »

A day in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate at night Berlin

Brimming with a rich history, art, historical and modern architecture Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has a lot to offer. Berlin is home to powerful moments in history that have shaped and moulded the way people of Berlin and the world live today. It is a city that provides reflection and the excitement of… Read more »

A very traditional ride upon the Belmond British Pullman

Imagine the gentle soothing rhythm of a train drifting you along at a relaxed pace, the exquisite attention to detail that envelops your surroundings and the stunning picturesque views that unfold all around you as you travel ever closer to your destination. This is not a story or a dream this is part of the… Read more »

A luxury honeymoon by rail

The Orient Express Luxury Holidays

Preparing for a wedding is often a whirlwind of excitement and lots of research and ideas finally coming together in a day that is so special it passes in a dreamlike cloud of happiness. All your hard work creating a day truly special for you and your loved ones, sharing the time with all the… Read more »

Tasty treats to enjoy while in Amsterdam

When visiting the city of Amsterdam you will be amazed by all its beauty and the vast range of places to explore and discover from museums, galleries and parks to the beautiful waterways with scenic views. This capital has a lot to offer and we can’t forget that part of experiencing a new place is… Read more »

Top sights to see in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect place to take a break due to the perfect mix of city location, pretty beaches and lots of sunshine and what is more this vibrant city has so much to offer. Being smaller in size than Madrid and Barcelona the city of Valencia isn’t quite as well known when it comes… Read more »

Stylish San Sebastián

San Sebastián a resort town sits on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Basque country. Surrounded by luscious green mountain tops, stunning waters in beautiful changing shades of blue and sands that arch out around the bay this is one stylish holiday destination just longing to be explored. Golden beaches, breath-taking views, delightful cuisine and… Read more »

Tastes of Italy in Tuscany

Rugged countryside scattered with beautiful views, breathtaking coastlines with clear waters, cultural sights to engage the mind and culinary delights that will tempt the taste buds. Tuscany has so much to offer and so much beauty to admire. Known as a key agricultural region for the production of wheat, olives, grapes, fruit and vegetables, it… Read more »

A day in the City of Bath

Stylish, sophisticated and bursting with history the city of Bath is the perfect place to spend a day exploring. With so many interesting sights to see, beautiful period architecture to admire and picturesque views to soak up, Bath will delight you in so many ways, so select your comfy shoes and embrace all that Bath… Read more »

Highlights of Seville to capture in a day

Plaza de Espana, Seville

Seville the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region is a pretty city full of delicate yet dramatic features and architectural wonders that ooze a charming antique essence. A city that is varied and has passionate roots in its Flamenco dancing history as well as a delicate romanticism in the air. Seville awaits you to explore its… Read more »

Top tips for traveling light

Wherever you may be travelling it is always good to travel with the most practical amount of luggage. Whether there are luggage limits or not, being able to travel light will make your journey a lot more enjoyable. Sometimes it is vital to travel light so mastering the art of taking just the right amount… Read more »

A brief look at the amazing talent that is Mary Berry

Mary Berry is an iconic British food writer who is very well known for her family-friendly recipes and cooking style. From a very young age, Mary had a talent with cooking and studied domestic sciences at school before she went on to study catering at college. From there she went on to study at the… Read more »

A rainbow of cuisine in Valencia

Valencia is a port city that lies on Spain’s Southeastern Coast, it bathes in the Mediterranean sunshine for most of the year creating an exciting place to visit. A vibrant and creative city in so many ways especially when it comes to the cuisine and exciting new flavours just waiting to be explored. When sitting… Read more »

India’s UNESCO World Heritage Toy Train

Imagine taking a journey that is purely for enjoyment, a journey that allows you to switch off your mind from the day to day chaos of everyday life and enables you to relax and absorb a moment in time like no other. A journey aboard India’s UNESCO World Heritage Toy Train will definitely allow you… Read more »

Tulips from Amsterdam

During the spring months of March to May Amsterdam is transformed into a rainbow of colour as endless amounts of tulips burst into bloom and cascade their beauty upon each and every aspect of this wonderful city. Amsterdam is famous for its Dutch tulips and known all over the world for being the epicentre of… Read more »

A brief history of the Eiffel Tower

Definitive, bold and prominent on the skyline of Paris, a structure that was only ever meant to be temporary, a piece of architecture that stands so tall and proud creating a focal point for the city. A landmark so grand. It can only be the Eiffel Tower. Instantly recognisable whether in the pages of a… Read more »

Art in Aix- en- Provence

Breathtakingly beautiful and set within picturesque countryside sits the pretty university city of Aix-en-Provence. Set beneath the towering mountain Sainte-Victoire it is easy to see why the area is so inspiring to all but especially artists. With art history floating in the warm air all around the city and mesmerising modern art to be seen… Read more »

Flamenco in Seville

Seville the capital of Spain’s Andalucía region is a city overflowing with creativity and passion. Famed and known all over the world for its Flamenco dancing Saville holds the roots of this passionate art form strongly in its history. Combined with the unique music that inspires the dances you will soon be drawn into this… Read more »

The Cote D’Azur has something for everyone

Known as ‘the blue coast’ it is easy to see why this southern part of France acquires this name, with glistening shades of cobalt, indigo and of course azure blue that shine in the stunning Mediterranean sun that bathes this part of the country for most of the year. It is obvious to see the… Read more »

Shopping in Milan a fashion capital of the world

Arriving in Milan the first aspect you will notice is the fine sophisticated essence this city has, not all cities project elegance, grace and style the minute you arrive but Milan is definitely one. This city is chic in so many ways and it is easy to see why it leads the world when it… Read more »

India’s Golden Temple

Glistening like fire in the mid-day sun sits a precious jewel of India. This is no jewel to be worn but a sacred temple to be inspired by and partake in worship at. This stunning precious piece of architectural wonder is India’s Golden Temple, also known as Darbar Sahib meaning ‘abode of God’. The temple… Read more »

A little taste of Scandinavia

When we visit a city, town or village we are surrounded by cafes, restaurants and interesting places to eat and drink. Often eating out during the day is seen as a moment that has to be fitted in to recharge and refresh, but how often do we take a moment to really embrace the experience… Read more »

What to see while in Vienna

Austria’s capital Vienna is a breathtakingly beautiful city that oozes a sophisticated elegance. It is mesmerising, enticing and famed for its stunning architecture. With grand opulent palaces, art, music, history and pretty parks, there’s lots to see and do in this chic city. What is evident as soon as you arrive is the classical Baroque… Read more »

Dining in Paris

Paris Planet Rail

Pretty, romantic, luxurious and classical describes Paris perfectly but it also describes the delightful dining experiences this magical city has to offer. Paris is bursting with fine dining options and a city as stylish as Paris can definitely provide a dinner that oozes elegance, style and most importantly flavour. This article tempts the taste buds… Read more »

The Inlandsbanan Train

Vast, endless and breathtakingly beautiful, a natural world full of pine, spruce and birch trees, shades of greens and a rugged undergrowth that tempts exploration. A picture perfect image of a forest, but this is no book this is the view from the Inlandsbanan Train, a train ready to take you on a journey so… Read more »

Art in Barcelona

Whether you’re an artist, collector of masterpieces or a creative individual with an open mind the art to be seen in Barcelona is endless. It’s a city that oozes creativity the minute you arrive and with art all around you, there is definitely something to suit the taste of each and every individual. A vibrant,… Read more »

Highlights of Edinburgh to capture in a day

Bursting with stories, tales, history and traditions Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland, is a city that is sure to delight. With an old medieval town and a Georgian new town, the city has a unique appearance and an individual atmosphere to it. With spectacular monuments and the dramatic Edinburgh Castle towering over the city, Edinburgh… Read more »

Classic Scottish cuisine

Fine shades of green pitted with shades of purples and greys, delicate hues of browns and creams and textures so varied they make your eyes sparkle with anticipation. The view being described is not that out of the window as the Belmond Royal Scotsman meanders along with a gentle rhythm, but the view of the… Read more »

A day in Stockholm

Vibrant, eclectic and brimming with history, Stockholm a very unique city made up of 14 islands is the capital of Sweden. From the old to the new Stockholm is a city that welcomes all and wants you to embrace the excitement of discovering something new. With famous landmarks dominating the skylines, history, art and Fika,… Read more »

Shopping in Paris

Paris Planet Rail

As far as cities across the world go, Paris really does seem to have it all. From its world-famous sights, art and museums, delightful coffee and pastries, to a totally unique shopping experience that will make your Parisian visit even more memorable. Paris is a fashion capital known all over the world where you are… Read more »

A view of Switzerland in winter

There are many ways to enjoy the wondrous scenery of Switzerland and no matter where you travel the views will open up around you in panoramic pictures that are hard to believe are even real, fairytale images of natural beauty and magical wintery scenes that will stay with you forever in a dream of winter… Read more »

48 hours in Oslo

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is an impressive city and I can’t think of a better word to describe it other than ‘dramatic’. The extraordinary contrast between stunning natural beauty and contemporary design especially in its architecture is impressive and will really provide a city experience like no other. Oslo is brimming with history, art… Read more »

Seven Christmas markets in Cologne

Spanning the Rhine River, Cologne is a 2,000-year-old city with a lot to offer. Impressive Gothic architecture and a stunning Cathedral reaching up to the sky, a museum housing masterpieces by Picasso and Warhol and a chocolate museum that will make your mouth water, it is easy to see why Cologne would be a tempting… Read more »

Montreux at Christmas

Chateux de Chillon Planet Rail

We all get swallowed up in the commercial side of Christmas and it is all too easy to lose the special feelings Christmas time brings. It is a time for celebration, traditions, sharing precious moments with family and friends and truly indulging and relaxing, and what could be more relaxing than escaping the hustle and… Read more »

48 hours in Barcelona

Barcelona by First Class Rail

Situated between the sea and the mountains, Barcelona is the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region and is a hot spot city for art and architecture. You will not be disappointed with the amazing choice of things to see and do in this vibrant city, the difficulty will be choosing just what to see in only… Read more »

The Verona Opera

Verona is a city in Northern Italy’s Veneto region, it is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and is home to one of the world’s best preserved ancient structures, the ‘Arena di Verona’ a magnificent Roman amphitheatre full of history dating back thousands of years. Built during the first century AD… Read more »

The Jewel of the Italian Lakes – Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful areas of Northern Italy’s Lombardy region. With its stunning natural beauty, this is the ultimate picture-perfect destination. Nestled into the foothills of the Alps, Lake Como sits in the shadows and awe-inspiring beauty of the snow-capped mountains, with ancient villages and opulent villas scattered along the… Read more »

A visit to Amsterdam

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a city bursting with variety and life. A city with fascinating canals, unique architecture and so much to discover from its historical links to modern art, eateries, and boutique shops. To really enjoy an authentic experience of Amsterdam you have to hire a bike. Visitors are often… Read more »

A day to explore… Madrid

An elegant city with a relaxed vibe, renowned for its rich collections of European art, manicured parks and sophisticated boulevards…. It can only be the Spanish Capital Madrid, an exciting city waiting to be explored. With statement architecture both old and new, tasty treats to sample and so much to see, how is it possible… Read more »

A brief history of the Taj Mahal

  Located on the banks of the river Yamuna in the Indian city of Agra, the Taj Mahal was built to encapsulate the love a man had for his wife. Inspired by love, loss and sorrow after she died giving birth to their 14th child, the Taj Mahal is a Mausoleum that reflects love in… Read more »

48 hours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is a small but perfectly formed city that is bursting with culture and exciting things to see and do. Full of history, art, famous landmarks, stories and tantalising cuisine, Copenhagen is a vibrant city waiting to be explored, 48 hours in this unique city is sure to create memories that… Read more »

48 hours in… Paris

valentine's day first class rail holiday 2016

48 hours in Paris – Of course it’s not enough, but if you’re in France’s capital for 2 days, we’ve highlighted some of the top interests and attractions to see and do. Paris – Sophisticated, glamorous, elegant and most of all romantic, A city that exudes art, history, fashion, architecture, landmarks, mouth-watering cuisine, fine wines… Read more »

48 hours in Venice – What to see?

Orient Express Special Venice compressed

So you’ve got 48 hours in Venice and want to get as much in as possible? Here’s what we think you need to have on any ‘must see and do’ list for your visit. Venice is the capital of Northern Italy’s Veneto region. Built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the… Read more »

Visit Venice By Rail – A City Of Romance and Delights

Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

Venice… No city in the world can compare to the mystifying beauty of Venice. Situated in Northern Italy this unique, romantic floating city consists of more than one hundred small islands linked by bridges in a shallow lagoon. With beautiful Venetian architecture, a fairy-tale atmosphere and sumptuous helpings of charm to behold, it’s no wonder the… Read more »