Tasty treats to enjoy while in Amsterdam

When visiting the city of Amsterdam you will be amazed by all its beauty and the vast range of places to explore and discover from museums, galleries and parks to the beautiful waterways with scenic views. This capital has a lot to offer and we can’t forget that part of experiencing a new place is also embracing trying something new when it comes to food and local delicacies. So immerse yourself fully in a city break in Amsterdam and enjoy the experiences of trying something a little different.

Amsterdam has some of the most immensely tasty and delicious treats to tempt the taste buds and some delicacies may be new and a little adventurous but don’t be afraid to at least have a taste you might be surprised to discover that some are really quite nice and actually rather moorish. With so many amazing tasty treats to try in this wonderfully vivid city below are a few ideas to tempt and inspire.

Kaas (cheese) is famous in Amsterdam and there is no better place to explore the wonders of this dairy product than by heading to Negen Straatjes (9 streets) where you will find shops full of shelves brimming with row upon row of cheese to feast upon. The most famous cheese being Gouda, it is popular all over Amsterdam and the depth of flavours packed into this hard cheese will make your mouth water and leave a lasting memory. Other popular cheeses to try are Maasdam and Edam which you may be familiar with already, though Edam eaten in Amsterdam will taste so much more delicious and much creamier.

Haring (herring) might not be your first choice of food but it is immensely popular in the city and you will find it everywhere from restaurants, cafes to the most famous location of street food stalls. The Dutch know how to create something special with this delightful fish and it is definitely an experience to embrace even if you are a little unsure.

From May-July herring is at its sweetest and one of the nicest ways to experience this local delicacy is ‘broodje haring’, herring served in a small sandwich with pickles and onions. The flavours are fresh and combine well together but allow for the fish to take centre stage. You will see many ways to enjoy the flavours of herring – one way is to tilt your head back and take large tasty bites!

Moving on to something a little sweeter…

Stroopwafels are super delicious and definitely one to try even if you were not so brave with the herring. Two delicate layers of waffle come together with a layer of sweet caramel syrup between them, that when warmed over a strong brew of fine coffee is absolutely divine. A cosy comforting moment that will melt onto the taste buds and provide an energy boost along with enhancing the memories of Amsterdam.

Poffertjes are the perfect tasty treat to eat while sightseeing and are served around the city at various street food outlets. They are similar to a pancake but a little fluffier, made of yeast and buckwheat flour with a light texture they are very tempting when sprinkled with powdered sugar or glazed with syrup, an excellent way to boost energy levels so you don’t miss a moment.

Dutch Liquorice or drop as it is known is as popular as cheese in the Netherlands and can be found everywhere. The Netherlands actually consume the highest consumption of this black sweet in the whole world, but be aware drop is not liquorice as you know it. Black, strong and often salty, drop is definitely a very unique taste but with so many varieties to try from soft to hard, sweet and flavoured you are bound to find the one that is just right for you. Salty varieties are known as ‘salmiak’ so be brave and try something new whatever drop you choose.

Chocolade letters are the perfect gift to take home for friends and family. A Dutch sweet made of chocolate in the formation of letters. Traditionally given to celebrate the Dutch celebration of Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) in early December these tasty treats were once made from bread dough and became popular made of chocolate in the 19th century. Elaborately decorated or simply made of smooth chocolate these are definitely a sweet treat to enjoy with loved ones while sharing memories.

Whatever tempts the taste buds in Amsterdam be sure to embrace trying something new and creating memories that will last a lifetime.