Tastes of Italy in Tuscany

Rugged countryside scattered with beautiful views, breathtaking coastlines with clear waters, cultural sights to engage the mind and culinary delights that will tempt the taste buds. Tuscany has so much to offer and so much beauty to admire.

Known as a key agricultural region for the production of wheat, olives, grapes, fruit and vegetables, it is easy to see why the landscape of Tuscany oozes the beauty of these through its trees, plants and vines. Basking in the Italian sun the produce of Tuscany is rich in nutrients and healthy goodness.

It is clear to see from the richness of the produce why Tuscan cuisine is prepared in simple ways creating wholesome food that is bursting with fresh flavours. A meal that is elegant, flavoursome, vibrant and fresh is sure to delight the eyes and tempt the taste buds, so be prepared to experience food the Tuscan way. Slow down your pace, relax and immerse yourself in the wonders of food that Tuscany has to offer.

Traditional Tuscan cuisine is light and fresh so you will rarely find heavy sauces being used in meals meaning each individual ingredient is given the opportunity to shine. Olive oil is a key ingredient in many meals and whether it is used as a salad dressing, finishing touch to a soup or simply rubbed on fresh bread the flavour of sunshine will burst through in every mouthful.

Bread and beans are another staple when it comes to ingredients and can be found in many dishes alongside the stunning fresh vegetables and olives. Even stale bread is seen as precious ingredient never to be wasted and is a key ingredient in Panzanella, a summer bread salad that uses stale bread, fresh sun-ripened tomatoes, cucumber and sometimes includes fish such as tuna scattered with capers. A simple dressing of olive oil and vinegar finish of the fresh flavours.

Pappa al Pomodoro is a beautifully simple soup made of three of the most comforting flavours of Tuscany. Olive oil, stale bread and the freshest, tastiest sun-kissed tomatoes you can find. Soft, tasty and immensely satisfying this is one soup bursting with a flavour you will never forget.

Two of the most simple yet extremely satisfying flavours of Tuscany are Fettunta and Crostini, often used as a starter to a meal. Fettunta is simple using the freshest Tuscan bread grilled and then infused and rubbed with olive oil, garlic and salt. It is also made to celebrate the first olive oils of the season. Crostini is chicken liver pâté spread thickly on toasted or crusty bread. Bursting with creamy smooth flavours Tuscan chicken liver pâté is very moreish.

Classic and bursting with the goodness of the sunshine is Castagnaccio a traditional cake made of chestnut flour, nuts, seeds and fruit. Eaten warm or cold it is a lovely way to enjoy the rich flavours of sun enriched fruits.

Wherever you visit in Tuscany you can be sure to taste food that is wholesome, fresh and invigorating. Meal times are relaxed and are about savouring the flavours and tastes of produce that has been grown with love, care and attention. It is about enjoying the flavours rich to this area and really appreciating the goodness and health benefits of food grown in the wealth of the climate.

Take a moment to really immerse yourself fully in the moments shared at mealtimes, the presentation of food, the colours, aromas and tastes, all will help to tie up memory that is a true representation of Tuscany and all its beauty.