Barcelona at Christmas

Barcelona Christmas Markets

Spending time with family and friends is what makes the festive season so special. Making time to enjoy quality moments together away from the daily routines of work, education and busy daily life means the excitement that builds at this time is more magical. Sharing the sparkle, tasty treats and gifts together are precious and what could be more inspiring than a Christmas trip to Barcelona to really embrace the season and prepare for time together.

Barcelona is an amazing city to visit at any time of the year but at Christmas, the streets come alive with exciting festive delights that enhance the atmosphere of the city creating a unique experience to capture and embrace. Year old traditions mixed with modern elements create a unique way to explore the wonders of Christmas in Barcelona and let’s not forget the impressive architecture and art to take in alongside the festive atmosphere.

In front of the Catedral de Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter sits the largest and oldest classic Christmas market in the city. The Fira de Santa Llucia is open from late November and hosts some of the most beautiful festive stalls draped in twinkling lights, selling traditional Christmas accessories. From crafts and clothing to delicate handcrafted decorations and even musical instruments this market is the perfect place to relax, meander and select some unique gifts for loved ones back home.

Not many Christmas markets are hosted with such an impressive backdrop but The Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia has the most stunning architectural feat towering over this lively market. Beginning in late November the market set out at the foot of the Sagrada Familia is the perfect place to soak up both the impressive views of this iconic landmark and indulge in all things Christmassy as you wander around the stalls full of toys, decorations and crafts. With the air filled with tantalising aromas don’t for forget to take a moment to absorb all that makes this market so special by stopping for refreshments and absorbing the atmosphere all around you.

Once you have explored the market head to the Sagrada Familia to get a closer look at the stunning architectural details this still to be completed architectural structure has. Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece is a delight for the eyes, full of Gothic and Catalan Noucentisme design details totally unique to his style of working and although he began working on the structure in 1883 to this day it is still unfinished and has work ongoing to its design.

La Rambla Boulevard is a pedestrianised street lined with trees that at Christmas twinkle with glistening festive lights. Full of shops La Rambla is the perfect place for selecting a gift or two and make the Christmas shopping experience that little more memorable. At the lower end of La Rambla sits the iconic statue of Christopher Columbus set upon a 60-meter high plinth. An impressive monument celebrating Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas.

All over the city, the festive season fills the air creating a joyous atmosphere to be shared by all, so treat yourself and explore the wonders of Barcelona at Christmas, and don’t forget a very special decoration for the tree to remind you of your festive adventures each and every Christmas time.