Peace and tranquillity at Lake Bled

Set in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, Lake Bled is a scene of splendour like no other. Tranquil and renowned for its gentle healing climate and thermal waters Lake Bled is the perfect place to escape and unwind.

A journey to Lake Bled takes you on an adventure through landscapes and scenery full of unique beauty. Moments for your senses to capture and hold onto like a story told to you through pictures, a story to cherish and share with loved ones upon your return home. Dramatic, varied scenes that mesmerise as you travel, then as you arrive at Lake Bled let the unique atmosphere of this stunning area wash over you and capture your heart.

Fresh air, sunshine and the peace of the natural surroundings make the perfect recipe for rest and relaxation. Escaping the realities of every day and taking a moment for yourself to focus on your mind and wellbeing is what we all need to do from time to time, and there couldn’t be a more perfect place to unwind than at the shores of Lake Bled with the wondrous mountains surrounding you.

The views will captivate you the moment you arrive, the stunning reflections of the changing sky and the palette of colours the mountains hold are all reflected in the glistening clear waters of the lake. At times it is hard to believe that this natural beauty is real, it is more like a painting before your eyes with the benefits of fresh air for your body to absorb and enjoy.

Once settled there is so much to explore and discover in this wonderful part of the world, as the beauty of nature cascades around you, head to the shores for a gentle stroll or take a cruise on the lake itself and head to Bled Island.

Bled Castle is rich in history and provides the opportunity to capture stunning views from up high and if you are feeling a little more active how about a hike in the Alps or hire a canoe and head out onto the waters.

Enjoy taking the time to slow down to escape the hectic busy pace of daily life at home. Immerse yourself in the natural environment and allow yourself to fully absorb the effects of the fresh air on your mind and body. Capture those feelings to take home and treasure, these are the moments that are Lake Bled, moments totally unique to this wonderful landscape.

Whether you choose to take thing slow or challenge your activity levels with hikes through the Alps exploring the peace and tranquillity at Lake Bled will be most memorable, and as you continue on your travels the immense power of the mountains and the drama of the lake will leave lasting memories that your mind can revisit at any time, especially when life gets a little too stressful. So relax, unwind, and enjoy all that Lake Bled has to offer.