A day in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate at night Berlin

Brimming with a rich history, art, historical and modern architecture Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has a lot to offer. Berlin is home to powerful moments in history that have shaped and moulded the way people of Berlin and the world live today. It is a city that provides reflection and the excitement of new discoveries, an eclectic mix of old and new makes up a vast array of experiences to be cherished and no matter how you use your time in Berlin you are sure to leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

With so much on offer, it really would be very difficult to experience everything during only a day, so below you will find a few ideas to help inspire you when it comes to spending time in the city of Berlin. Think about the sights you would really like to see the most and prioritise spending a little longer at these venues. Remember not everything has to be viewed from the inside either, sometimes viewing the exterior of a building can provide just as much insight.

The Reichstag Building is a Neo-Renaissance building of parliament that stands proud within manicured landscaping. It features a glass dome by Norman Foster that provides stunning panoramic views of the city, grand yet delicate in so many ways this is an excellent place to view Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate was built after the restoration of order during the Batavian Revolution and depicts twelve Doric columns topped with a classical goddess statue. A spectacular time to view the gate is as the sun sets or at night when it is lit up.

Berlin Cathedral Church stands dramatic in the city with its Renaissance and Baroque style shining through and the dome of the cathedral casting its presence beautifully into the skyline. An impressive feat of architectural wonder that is stunning both inside and out. Inside the Cathedral is home to royal tombs, an organ with 7,000 pipes and a viewing dome. Ornate, decorative and dramatic you are sure to remember its beauty for years to come.

The Fernsehturm is a television tower built in the 1960s and stands at a height of 368 meters. In stark contrast to the historic cathedral, the tower strikes the skyline with a sharp burst of modern design. The tower has a viewing gallery and a revolving restaurant that is sure to provide a unique experience.

Charlottenburg Palace, the largest in Berlin, depicts beautiful Baroque and Rocco styles exquisite gardens and rooms full of beautiful treasures, history and vast collections of paintings, tapestries and porcelain to admire.

The Holocaust Memorial designed by Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold is a maze-like memorial made up of 2,711 columns. Breath-taking and very moving, this memorial provides the perfect opportunity for reflection. Beneath the memorial lies an exhibition space underground that is full of history.

East Side Gallery is an open-air art gallery that is home to the work of 118 artists. Graffiti works of murals and messages created on the remnants of the Berlin Wall have been conserved on this side of the East Side wall.

The Berlin Wall Memorial is a persevered section of the Berlin Wall on the West Side. It sits alongside memorials to the people who lost their lives and an informative open-air exhibition.

Museum Island, the area set upon the Northern half of the Spree River in the central Mitte district, is home to the cathedral, museums and art gallery. Five museums can be viewed and explored alongside admiring the wonderful architecture and pretty waterways.

Whatever you choose to see in Berlin you will definitely see the beauty of this city all around you in the architecture, sights, atmosphere and people, be sure to look up any attractions you are keen to see before you go and buy any tickets in advance where possible to reduce waiting times.