The Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world

Travelling in pure luxury with Rovos Rail Pride of Africa from Cape Town you can capture the precious moments of time spent escaping the chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself fully in an experience of travel like no other. Let luxury rail travel take you to see a wonder so immense it has been named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, The Victoria Falls.

Immense is a powerful word but it still doesn’t cover the power and strength that The Victoria Falls bestows when viewing from close by. Viewing a photograph of the fall shows its enormity but imagine the overwhelming stance of the fall up close. This experience is sure to create memories never to be forgotten.

In Southern Africa, the Zambesi River flows across a flat plain that expands nearly 2 kilometres and is shared by the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe, as the river reaches the fall the water cascades over a drop that’s 108 meters high. Combined with height and 600 million cubic litres of water hitting the ground every minute it is easy to see why the spray created from the falling water can be seen from 50 kilometres away. During the wet season, the local people name the falls ‘the Mosi-oa-Tunya’ (the smoke that thunders). A powerful name for a natural wonder that creates such a beautiful display.

Did you know, on the Zimbabwean side of the falls lies a habitat so unique it is home to some of the most distinctive plant and animals, some indigenous to the area? This habitat is the only rainforest in the world where it rains continuously due to the vapour that rises from the falls.

With scale, drama, power and beauty it is easy to see why The Victoria Falls has been accredited as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Such an awe-inspiring experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe one of our world’s most precious areas of natural magnificence.

After experiencing a visit to the falls take a moment to absorb the splendour and grace the falls portrays, it may be powerful and dramatic but it also graceful and soothing too. An experience like this is so unique and capturing it on a photo will never do it justice, only seeing it with our very own eyes will you fully appreciate the wonder that is The Victoria Falls.

Relive the experience by sharing memories together or by meeting new people and making new friends and sharing your stories over dinner and a glass of fine South African wine, then retire for a restful night’s sleep with a memory of a natural wonder that will live with you forever.