The Orient Express La Dolce Vita

The Orient Express Train – La Dolce Vita will soon be available.

We are delighted to be able to offer details on the forthcoming, brand new Orient Express La Dolce Vita, introducing exceptional levels of luxury rail travel around 6 idyllic routes spanning the length and breadth of Italy.

Orient Express bookings are not yet being taken, and journey dates are still to be confirmed, but we can offer the ability to joint the Orient Express La Dolce Vita waiting list to obtain some of the first experiences this exciting new Orient Express experience has to offer.

Please contact us if you would like to express an interest.*

The history of Orient Express is an artistic and epic tale of discovery and technical advancement and the Orient Express La Dolce Vita represents the latest chapter in this luxurious rail travel story.

Drawing on this history and its emotional heritage, the Orient Express continues to push the limits of what is possible to explore another way of traveling.

The origins of the Orient Express date back to 1867. In this year, after a heartbreak, young Belgian engineer Georges Nagelmackers fled to the United States.

There, he discovered railroads with the world’s first sleeping cars.

Back in Europe, he realized his life’s work: to launch luxurious trains that would lead to the Gates of the Orient.

Enter the birth of the Orient Express.

On October 4th, 1883, the most fascinating train in the world left Paris for Constantinople and embarked with forty passengers on board. The round trip lasted 7 days.


With this one trip, the geography of Europe was turned upside down, and the notion of long-distance travel was completely redefined.

Designed by decorator René Prou and master glassmaker René Lalique, the new Pullman lounge cars inspired a new art of living on board.

These masterpieces of refinement and luxury in Art Deco style embodied the excellence of French travel.


La Dolce Vita represents a legendary time. It is symbolic of a dream, a style, a deep-rooted desire, an inspiration many people share, namely a life of well- being, enjoyment and pleasure. It is a tribute to Rome, the Eternal City, that honours the country’s cinema from Fellini’s famous film (“La Dolce Vita,” 1960) to the glamour of Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg and Gina Lollobrigida.

It is an ode to Italian seduction, the flavours of Italian cuisine and the artistic competition that has forever been the source of vast imagination.

It is the evocation of a unique art of living where a carefree attitude reigns. Travellers will soon have the opportunity to experience the timeless Orient Express La Dolce Vita train that aims to embody the essence of Italian joie de vivre.


Almost 140 years ago, Georges Nagelmackers made his dream come true by launching the first luxury Orient Express trains throughout Europe. Today, the legend has been reborn in Italy and you are in- vited to embark on a fascinating journey aboard the La Dolce Vita trains.

A tribute to the glamour and coucou of the 1960s, La Dolce Vita is a dedication to the spirit of freedom, well-being and pleasure.

The epitome of excellence, the Orient Express La Dolce Vita train embodies the Italian art of living and all its beautiful traditions.

Designed by Dimorestudio, the global architectural and design studio founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran in 2003, the train’s sumptuous decor boldly celebrates the craftsmanship, design and creativity of the 1960s and 1970s.

From the inspirations of the masters of Italian design including Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, and Ignazio Gardella to the great artists of the Spatialism movement that puts space and time at the centre of its compositions, such as Lucio Fontana, Agostino Bonalumi, and Enrico Castellani, La Dolce Vita train marries the golden age of Italian design with a more contemporary spirit of travel.

The train’s sumptuous decor will adorn 12 Deluxe cabins, 18 Suites, 1 Honor Suite and a lounge with its own bar; moreover, one cabin will be conceived as the sophisticated welcome/reception lounge area with a bar inside, and another one will feature a charming restaurant.


The deluxe cabins feature cool colours for the architectural shell and for the coverings, mirrored back walls and slat- ted ceilings.

The sofa unfolds to a double bed at night, and the ottomans serve as coffee tables and stools: the space is designed to be welcoming and flexible at the same time, the contrast of materials, on the floor the softness of carpet, at the ceiling the warmth of woo- den slats, ensuring a comfor- table travel experience.


The suite cabins are presented as master bedrooms, equipped with a sofa and a table with two armchairs, to encourage conviviality on board.

The shades of the furnishings range from warm orange/terracotta to purple, with brass finishes. For the walls surfaces in smoked an- tique mirror and the ceiling in glossy lacquered “burnt Sienna” have been used to in- crease the perception of the space.


The lounge bar and the restaurant best represent typical Italian hospitality and conviviality, with sinuous forms dominating, running the length of the carriage from the bar station and through to the grand piano.


Each Orient Express route comprises:

7 Passenger carriages accommodating 62 guests

1 Dining car seating 40 guests
(there will be 2 seatings for the onboard meals)

1 Wagon-bar seating 40 guests

Total: 12 deluxe cabins, 18 suite cabins, 1 la Dolce Vita suite

Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom.


All table d’hôte meals on board will be of innovative italian cuisine

All selected beverages during the whole journey

Breakfasts and afternoon tea service in your cabin

All excursions mentioned in the programs

All meals and offered beverages during the excursions

24-hour onboard service and entertainment

*In order to joint the interested parties’ list a £500 refundable deposit is required.

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