6 Benefits of a Tailor-Made Train Holiday

We pride ourselves on crafting the very best rail holidays for our customers, providing a bespoke, deluxe service to everyone that chooses to journey with us. With our vast range of European train holidays on offer, including Belgium, France and Italy, every traveller is sure to discover their perfect railway holiday.

Pride of Africa Train Holiday

A train holiday is a relaxed voyage. Queues, crowds and rushing between destinations are all regular occurrences when you choose to drive or fly, but when you opt for a train holiday, you can forget about these unpleasant aspects of travel.

Instead, you’ll sit back, relax and fully enjoy a holiday where traffic jams are swapped for spectacular scenery, crowded cabins are switched for a luxurious carriage, and costly convenience food can be replaced by high end dining experiences.

Experience Lake Garda by First Class Rail


At Planet Rail we offer a range of European tours by train, each providing these benefits along with its own unique character and atmosphere. Take for example our Lake Garda holiday by rail, where travellers can enjoy a truly Italian experience in their First Class journey through its historic cities, picturesque mountains and lakeside scenes.

Commencing your holiday in London St. Pancras, you’ll be whisked away to Paris before continuing your travels through pastoral Switzerland. A pleasant night’s rest at a lovely hotel is followed by an onward journey into Milan, and from there, you’ll experience the wonders of Lake Garda for the next four days.

Throughout your holiday you’ll have the opportunity to cruise the magnificent lake, discover medieval towns, visit legendary cities and enjoy exquisite cuisine.

Of course, we wholeheartedly recommend utilising Italy’s fantastic rail network to explore (we can offer flexible train tickets as part of your package to allow you to explore off the beaten track if you wish). And as your holiday nears an end, you’ll travel back via Lake Geneva, absorbing the closing wonders of rural Europe before the Eurostar transports you back to UK soil.

It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But the stunning sights and cultural gems of Italy aren’t the only benefits of this holiday. Here are the further advantages of choosing a First Class European trip by train…

The Benefits of Travelling Europe by Train


1. The convenience of luxury rail travel

Often when we travel, we find ourselves rushing about and waiting around. But when you take a holiday by train, you can forget about super early arrivals, long queues and stringent check-in procedures. You can also rest assured that you won’t be caught up in traffic.

Our holidays are tailor-made for each customer, ensuring that every aspect is convenient and stress free. Each journey can be modified accordingly, so you needn’t worry about difficult connections or compromising your itinerary.

And since train journeys terminate at central locations, you won’t have to worry about taxis or additional transfers. We’ll happily accommodate any transfers or connections as part of our service.

2.  Relaxing in First Class train luxury

Journeying by train is travelling for pleasure. You’ll enjoy peace and quiet, with unlimited options for how you wish to spend your journey. Whether you choose to read, work, chat, dine, or even catch up on some much-needed sleep, you’ll discover the ideal environment aboard the train.

With every amenity you’d expect from a high starred establishment, your train holiday is sure to be a charming, comfortable and relaxing experience.

3.    Luxurious & Discerning rail travel

Our First Class train holidays are certainly luxurious. On board, you’ll find high quality interiors that capture the character of the journey whilst offering the modern technology you’d expect. Aboard a selection of the trains, you’ll discover a fine menu and extensive wine list, delivered via table service by smart, friendly experts. And when it comes to getting some rest on overnight journeys, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, private cabin that doesn’t scrimp on style.

There’s something extra special about travelling by train, taking you from A to B in the most exclusive and elegant manner; a manner now all but lost in other forms of travel.

4.    Romantic rail trips

The railway is the most romantic way to travel, offering a sense of charm and tranquility that can’t be matched by other modes of transport. Comfortable and refined, you’ll feel right at home when travelling solo, though it’s also the perfect way to spend quality time with your companion.

Aboard the train, you’ll be able to relax together, chatting, dining or enjoying a bottle of wine. Passing through Europe’s picturesque rural settings, you’ll enjoy the natural beauty of untouched countryside together, reconnecting upon a backdrop of stunning vistas. Forget about the usual hustle and bustle of travel; when you holiday by train, you can enjoy each other’s company without distraction.

5.    A social journey by train

While many choose to experience the railway with their significant other, train holidays are also a great opportunity for solo travellers and group bookings. Your own cabin or quiet areas will provide the privacy you require when needed, but for the rest of the journey, feel free to roam, explore and meet like-minded fellow travelers. Restaurant and bar carriages are a great place to meet new people, while communal areas allow larger groups to socialize.

The staff onboard are highly knowledgeable and attentive, and will be delighted to answer questions and offer suggestions too.

6.    Diverse train experiences

When you travel by train, you cover much more ground. You also save time that’s usually spent making connections or suffering delays. This means that you’re able to fit more experiences into your holiday, getting more value for money and making even more memories.

Visiting a number of destinations in a short space of time may sound tiring, but when you travel by train, your journey becomes a highlight rather than a chore. Allow us to transport you to the continent’s most beautiful destinations, offering you the ultimate European experience in our carefully curated holidays.

A train holiday is a truly magical experience, and guaranteed to leave you relaxed, refreshed and eagerly awaiting your next trip.

If you want to find out more about exploring Lake Garda or other European destinations by train, please get in touch with one of our friendly experts on 01347 825292.