India’s UNESCO World Heritage Toy Train

Imagine taking a journey that is purely for enjoyment, a journey that allows you to switch off your mind from the day to day chaos of everyday life and enables you to relax and absorb a moment in time like no other. A journey aboard India’s UNESCO World Heritage Toy Train will definitely allow you these precious moments of time and an impressive view of the spectacular Himalayas.

Set upon a ribbon of a railway line that meanders the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains this unique little train allows you to experience a view that is unique and very special. Travel back in time on a train that provides a journey of comfort and all the basic amenities you will require while you travel, and most importantly views you will never forget.

There are three railway lines that run the toy trains including The Darjeeling Himalayan train in the foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal (North East India), the Nilgiri Mountain railways located in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu (South India), but one of the most well known of the journeys is the Shimla to Kalka railway line located in the Himalayan foothills of Himachal Pradesh (North West India). Taking this journey will allow you to experience some breath-taking scenery and see a view of India that is so beautiful it will be hard to believe it is even real.

All three trains and lines provide an impressive example of hill mountain railways and were opened between 1881 and 1908. Immensely ingenious in design and completed with skilful engineering these routes show a masterpiece of work in one of the hardest and most challenging of locations. With 103 tunnels and 864 bridges, the challenge of building such an impressive network of railway line must have been vastly difficult at times and very risky.

Taking a journey upon the UNESCO World Heritage Toy Trains you are sure to experience travel that will really enlighten the senses in so many ways. From the fresh mountain air, the smells of the pines and cacti and the impressive views that unfold before your eyes this is a moment in travel to capture.

With palm trees and plants passing by so close, you could reach out a touch them you really will be enveloped in this unique area of the world. As you pass by the stilted houses, fields and streams life in India tells a story, a story that can be told on no other journey. With pretty stone bridges reminiscent of Roman Aqueducts, let your mind wander to the impressive feats of these architectural structural wonders and think about all the travellers who have travelled on these spectacular lines that still stand strong today.

Wherever you travel in the world hold in your memories the impressive pictures of this journey. The snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, the palms, pines and cacti growing in the warmth of the climate and the impressive workforce that made the railway such a remarkable piece of design allowing many to experience a journey like no other.