The El Transcantábrico Train

El Transcantábrico train

Within the Northern region of Spain is an area known as ‘Green Spain’ an area of breathtaking natural beauty rich in luscious landscapes and diverse nature. Cascading mountain views, rumbling rivers and deep mysterious canyons add drama to an area that is intriguing and vast. Clear blue skies set the scene for soaring birds and as the landscape changes so appear sprawling sands and glistening seas.

Following the coastline from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela travels Spain’s oldest tourist train the El Transcantábrico. Representing one of the finest examples of luxury travel this train provides a beautiful vintage travel experience full of elegance, opulence and sheer luxury that won’t disappoint.

Approaching the platform the instantly recognisable royal blue and white carriages gleaming to perfection sit waiting for you, holding an adventure waiting to be explored. Highly trained professionals suited in the finest uniforms welcome you onboard and guide you to your cabin ensuring you have everything you require for a luxurious start to your journey.

Stunning handcrafted and immaculately polished marquetry surrounds each cabin and carriage with a welcoming warmth that envelopes you with the essence of the golden age of rail travel. Glistening crystal details, tailor-made furnishings and crisp white linens with sumptuously plumped cushions welcome you to relax and unwind in this one of a kind setting.

Providing an experience of luxury travel like no other the El Transcantábrico train journey takes you on a delightful journey through a range of landscapes, cities, towns and villages bringing together a landscape story that is ever-changing and evolving. Stopping off at a range of destinations for you to explore the sights and atmospheres of each destination this is sure to be a holiday that will inspire and leave lasting memories of places new.

One of the many stand out aspects of this memorable experience will be the tantalising cuisine on offer. Expertly prepared by the most skilful chefs is a range of local and seasonal produce that is made with the freshest ingredients each day. Cuisine that will enlighten the senses and provide an authentic experience of Spanish flavours, ingredients and style. Savouring the tastes, aromas and classical recipes is sure to be immensely relaxing and memorable and paired with exquisite local wines evening meals onboard will linger long into the night.

Experiencing a holiday like this is sure to be different but what a lovely way to slow down the pace of life and take a moment to absorb all the tiny aspects we so often overlook in our daily busy lives. The range of colours in a landscape, the changing light as the sun rises and sets and the interaction with new people enjoying the skilful art of conversation that at times gets brushed away by the overwhelming world of technology.

Relaxing and unwinding on board the El Transcantábrico is the perfect way to explore this part of Spain. New surroundings, local delicacies and travel with luxurious style is the perfect way to relax, so let this train take you on a journey like no other.