Unforgettable moments upon the Belmond Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman Planet Rail Holidays

Full of natural beauty, history, tradition and adventure Scotland has something to capture the hearts of every visitor and escaping on a rail journey through the wonders of this land will create a truly unforgettable experience.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman takes several different journeys, each offering a unique experience but no matter which route you choose all are centred on providing travel that is luxurious and memorable. So let the journey begin.

Royal Scotsman Planet Rail Lounge

Awaiting at the station sits a gleaming line of mahogany carriages polished to perfection. Edwardian elegance at its finest. As you step aboard you are instantly encapsulated in the style and luxury of a fine country house, delicate fabrics that capture the colours of the Scottish landscape, bespoke tweeds and tartans that provide warmth and comfort alongside crisp white linens and fresh fluffy towels all await you. Glistening pristine table wares and polished marquetry set the scene for dining in a world of pure luxury and relaxation. Allow yourself a moment to absorb the details of this unique and wonderful environment and then let your mind escape the daily modern world and immerse yourself fully as your adventure unfolds.

Each journey the Belmond Royal Scotsman takes will unfold the secrets of Scotland upon its route, whether it be the quaint villages and glens, the sprawling lochs or the rumbling waterfalls. The vast dramatic mountains set the backdrop for changing skies of moody morning sunrises and peaceful sunsets as you travel and explore.

The colours of the landscapes that pass you by are captured within the comforts of your surroundings a palette of soft purple heathers, mossy greens, and rugged mountain greys and browns. This really is an immersive experience that fully surrounds you in the natural beauty of one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world.

Travelling through the landscapes allows for the opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat such as seals, deer and birds of prey. Spend some time soaking up these treasured moments at the open-ended observation car that sits at the back of the train. Breathe in the refreshing air and renew yourself, relax and capture the moments that are totally unique to the journey.

Rich in history, traditional culture, tales and folklore Scotland has many stories to be told so take a moment to relax and listen to the adventures as told by historians and storytellers as you discover more about the details of Scotland whether it be from the train carriages or in the grand rooms of a castle.

One of the most pleasurable experiences of travelling by rail is the opportunity it allows to immerse yourself in the art of conversation. Life is busy and fast-paced and often we don’t allow ourselves the time to slow down and really explore conversation. Sharing stories, sights and memories with family, friends or new people is a great way to get even more from your experience onboard. Conversation over the fine cuisine made with fresh seasonal produce is a great way to saviour the tastes and memories even further and after why not take a fine Scottish Malt or a rich luxurious coffee to the observation car to treasure even more memories before bedtime.


Unforgettable moments like these can only be captured on the Belmond Royal Scotsman on a journey through Scotland so whichever route you choose, enjoy it and make memories to last a lifetime.