A luxury honeymoon by rail

The Orient Express Luxury Holidays

Preparing for a wedding is often a whirlwind of excitement and lots of research and ideas finally coming together in a day that is so special it passes in a dreamlike cloud of happiness. All your hard work creating a day truly special for you and your loved ones, sharing the time with all the people you hold dear to your heart is immensely overwhelming and memorable in a way like no other. But when it is over wouldn’t it be nice to have a honeymoon break to look forward to that really is relaxing, exciting and very unique?

Creating a special honeymoon really doesn’t have to mean flying away somewhere hot and exotic, a honeymoon should be about slowing down the pace of life, relaxing, reflecting and sharing an experience with your new married partner and what better way to really slow down the pace than by travelling in pure luxury by rail to carefully selected destinations as near or far as your heart desires to travel.

Choosing to travel by rail is such a special way to relax and unwind, the delicate smoothness of a journey by rail instantly soothes the mind as the gentle momentum of the train’s rhythm drifts you along for adventures to continue.

With so many choices of destinations and rail experiences available with Planet Rail the opportunity to escape the modern world and journey back in time to a bygone era of luxurious travel really is a most memorable way to start a honeymoon. Immerse yourself in the vintage train carriages with immaculate attention to period features and details along with the highest standards of interior furnished comforts and divine dining experiences. Only the very best service is provided from the moment you make your booking to the last step off the train you take.

Whether you fancy a romantic journey to Paris, Venice or maybe escaping to the tranquil bliss of Lake Garda the journey and the holiday will definitely be made of dreamlike luxury that will definitely provide memories to cherish forever. Maybe a honeymoon further afield is tempting your sense of adventure and exploring India or Africa by rail really does help you to slow down and fully absorb details that other means of travel just don’t allow. A spring wedding or magical winter nuptials we have luxurious holidays running all year round with amazing destinations just waiting to be explored.


Wherever you choose to honeymoon sharing a journey by rail with your loved one really couldn’t be a more perfect way to start married life. Slowing down your travel experience and journey and allowing your mind to rest really is a very meaningful way to embrace new beginnings. Escape the modern distractions of phones and laptops immerse yourselves in the true art of conversation and reflection embracing pure relaxation and shared times together as a married couple, hold onto to these cherished moments and capture the memories to keep forever.