Blenheim Palace

Journey in style on the Belmond British Pullman that has been lovingly restored and shows vintage rail elegance at its very best. Beautiful carriages with breathtaking details and bespoke craftsmanship show original 1920’s and 30’s masterpieces from the iconic golden age of travel. Each unique carriage shows Art Deco design in its most beautiful form and the attention to detail and authenticity is mesmerising.

As you step aboard the immaculate carriages you are immediately welcomed by the highly professional and friendly staff and then as you wonder the carriages to your seat the highly polished marquetry welcomes you with warmth and wonder. Sumptuous velvet furnishings layered next to the polished woods tempt relaxation and comfort, waiting for you to enjoy. Set before you are tables laid to perfection with glistening crystal glasses, polished silver wear and bespoke linens with personalised details. Onboard this train is a very special environment, unique and exquisite in so many ways it really is the most magical way to travel in style and immerse yourself in a bygone era.

Once seated and settled your journey begins. At a graceful gentle pace, you travel onwards to Blenheim Palace for a day of exploration and royal splendour. As you journey closer to your destination observe the quaint English countryside as you pass fields, villages, towns and woods picture-perfect scenes that with our busy everyday lives we often overlook. Over a lavish brunch take the opportunity to focus on the art of conversation whether it be with you travel companions or the other guests onboard. Share stories, memories and thoughts on what really is a very special travel experience.

Once you arrive at Blenheim Palace the Baroque architecture sets the scene for a spectacular day of discovery. A UNESCO World Heritage site set within the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire the palace is home to the 12th Duke of Marlborough and his family. The birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace is rich in history and brimming with stories to discover along with stunning grounds to explore. With elegantly manicured gardens, formal grounds, mazes and walking trails exploring outdoors is immensely relaxing and refreshing. With the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Sir Winston Churchill, exploring the many trails he did, enjoying the wonderful grounds is sure to be inspiring.

Within the walls of the Palace lie rooms full of interior design befitting the period, unique artefacts, information and exhibitions that will delight the eyes and leave a lasting story of your explorations. Whether you manage to see each exhibition or select a few of your favourites discovering Blenheim’s history is sure to be an immensely enjoyable day.

As you retire to your carriage for the journey home take a moment to reflect on all you have discovered and relax with a champagne reception followed by a delightfully delicious four-course dinner served to royal perfection. Close your eyes for a moment, listen to the gentle sounds and rhythms of the vintage carriages as they carry you home and saviour the aromas and tastes of expertly prepared cuisine as you hold your memories close of a very special day.