The Venice Simplon Orient Express an adventure of style and history

Orient Express Platform Check

Situated at the platform awaits a line of carriages that make up one of the most iconic trains in the world, gleaming to perfection in royal blue and gold these carriages form a historic and spellbinding train, ‘The Venice Simplon Orient Express’. Known all over the world as being one of the most luxurious rail experiences, a journey on these rails will take you on an adventure like no other.

Well recognised for taking the classic rail journey of London to Venice via Paris, the Venice Simplon Orient Express is more than just an elegant way to travel. This train is about an experience back in time to a bygone era when travelling by rail was a luxurious experience of discovery. Steeped in history, stories and adventures the carriages of the Orient Express have carried many people from all over the world from Royalty to authors to travellers and adventurers. Each and every person has experienced the sheer splendour and indulgence that is provided onboard.

Stepping aboard the train you are instantly transported to the 1920s, chic interior décor envelopes you in an era that was stylish, sophisticated and immensely exciting. Drawing you into the history and adventure this train is enticing and immensely divine in so many ways.

Each and every original 1920’s carriage has been lovingly restored with authentic interior designs, bespoke furnishing and immaculate craftsmanship. From sumptuous velvet seats, glistening crystal and polished marquetry to stylish art deco design details, the Venice Simplon Orient Express is a creative design experience for all the senses in so many ways.

Surrounded not only by the elegant interiors but by the adventures and stories the carriages hold, you really are in an atmosphere of history and discovery. From the fictional stories that Agatha Christie wrote such as ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ to the spy James Bond who travelled on the train in the film ‘From Russia with Love’ an experience onboard is sure to make you wonder what adventures a journey holds for you.

Travelling on the Venice Simplon Orient Express not only takes you back in time and surrounds you with history and style is also provides a level of luxury that is immaculate and of the highest standard. From the moment you are greeted on board by the highly experienced staff dressed to perfection to the beautiful surroundings of your cabin, you are welcomed into a world where your relaxation and comfort is of the utmost priority.

Dining carriages set with bespoke linens and tableware tempt the delights of the exquisite cuisine provided. Created by expert chefs using only the finest seasonal ingredients, discover the finest champagne and cocktails at the glistening champagne bar that oozes a tempting style. Relax and unwind to the live entertainment and music provided and let the luxury and comfort surround you as your journey unfolds.

While travelling onboard the world’s most iconic train allow yourself to be fully immersed in the surroundings, the stories and history that are synonymous with the carriages themselves. Create your own adventure within the stylish setting and add to the history of the Venice Simplon Orient Express and your own memories on what is a journey of luxury like no other.