A view of Switzerland in winter

There are many ways to enjoy the wondrous scenery of Switzerland and no matter where you travel the views will open up around you in panoramic pictures that are hard to believe are even real, fairytale images of natural beauty and magical wintery scenes that will stay with you forever in a dream of winter wonder.

A magical and most relaxing way to enjoy the views is by slowing down. We live in a world where life is fast and continuous, wouldn’t it be nice to escape this and really absorb yourself in nature and travel both in style and at a much slower pace? Travelling by train is the perfect way to do this and Switzerland has a train known all over the world as the ‘slowest express train’. This train is the Glacier Express and it is the perfect way to travel for both comfort and to embrace a slower pace of living.

The Glacier Express will take you on a journey like no other, a narrow train designed perfectly to meander the narrow gorges and steep passes of the Rhone Valley. Panoramic windows all around ensure that taking in the views will be a memorable experience. Travelling in the first-class comfort you can relax and take a moment to really slow down the speed of life after all a train journey taking eight hours provides you with the perfect excuse. This a not a journey to be rushed like a busy morning commute this is a journey to savour and indulge in the magic of winter.

With a slow tranquil pace and the gentle hum of the train immerse yourself in the scenery, the dramatic gorges, flowing streams and glistening snow-topped peaks. This is a picture of winter that nowhere else can paint, this is a view of Switzerland’s winter and it really is unique. As you enjoy a delightful lunch on board, savour the tastes and flavours, observe the finer details that often in life we miss, a lunch on board the ‘slowest express train’ enables time with loved ones, family or friends to be savoured too. A meal with views as spectacular as this will definitely open up conversations. Embrace the art and joy of conversation and don’t forget sharing stories with new people is memorable and all part of the experience.

As you descend into Rhine Valley the landscape changes to snow that sits upon the pastures soft and cushion like, and as the train nears its final destination remember to observe the feelings of relaxation and take a moment to absorb them. Hold onto them as you alight at Switzerland’s oldest city Chur, take the feelings with you and continue to relax in both style and comfort at your hotel with a mind full of picture-perfect scenes captured of Switzerland in winter.

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