Stylish San Sebastián

San Sebastián a resort town sits on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Basque country. Surrounded by luscious green mountain tops, stunning waters in beautiful changing shades of blue and sands that arch out around the bay this is one stylish holiday destination just longing to be explored.

Golden beaches, breath-taking views, delightful cuisine and pretty architecture, San Sebastián really does have so much to offer and with lots of interesting sights to see you can be sure of a relaxing yet exciting break away. Below you will find a few ideas to inspire how you may like to use your time while taking a break in the beautiful and ever so stylish San Sebastián.

Peine Del Viento – The comb of the wind
Produced by Eduardo Chillida is a collection of three sculptures arranged by the architect Luis Peña Ganchegu. A very well known piece of work for the duo and very famous to the area of San Sebastián. Sat within the waters and landscape the sculptures made of iron are a forever evolving piece of architectural art that changes throughout the day as the elements interact with the sculptures themselves. A great way to enjoy the scenery and immerse yourself in modern art like no other.

La Catedral del Buen Pastor
Provides stunning examples of Neo-Gothic architecture and is the perfect place to spend a while exploring both the beautiful building and local history. Sat in the centre of San Sebastián the Cathedral provides a dramatic focal point for all as the towering spire reaches 75 metres into the sky. Stunning architectural details and focal points such as the ‘The Cross of Peace’ by Eduardo Chillida on the façade mean your memories of visiting San Sebastián will linger on long after your visit.

Beach of La Concha and Ondarreta Beach
Provide the perfect ways to relax and soak up the gorgeous weather and views. Though both beautiful, Beach of La Concha has excellent restaurants and views and at Ondarreta Beach you will find plenty of choice for water sports, especially surfing, and a more sporty way to relax.

Santa Clara Island
Stands proud in the middle of the Bay of Donostia between the two iconic mountains of Urgull and Igueldo. The island provides the perfect place to escape for a day and enjoy the simplicity of such a small location. Delicate beaches, a lighthouse and restaurant on the island can easily be accessed by boat or some even choose to swim out to the island. Be sure to check the weather and conditions before attempting this option though.

Mount Urgull
Sits at one end of La Concha Bay and provides a beautiful backdrop for the town’s old quarter. Urgull can be enjoyed from afar or up close, a hilly mountain full of luscious trees and vegetation the mountain provides stunning panoramic views of the ocean and town, it is home to moments in history such as the defence walls that can still be seen upon the mountain itself and at the foot is the San Telmo Museum. Full of art, photography and local and global archaeological finds. The museum is the largest museum of Basque history and is definitely worth exploring to find out more about San Sebastián.

During July there is an international Jazz festival called the Jazzaldia and in August the Semana Grande is a week-long street party and Basque cultural festival. During September San Sebastián hosts the film festival which is well known for being a stylish celebration.

Whatever you choose to do when you visit San Sebastián you can be sure of an experience that will be unique, relaxing and immensely memorable.