Thrilling stories onboard an iconic train

Imagine an adventure full of twists, turns, mystery and excitement. Imagine this adventure set within the atmosphere of vintage rail carriages so beautiful and unique it will feel like you have stepped back in time. Travelling on the iconic Belmond British Pullman you can experience this adventure. Step aboard for a vintage rail experience and delve into a storybook world as you unfold a murder mystery and enjoy some of the finest cuisines while travelling in pure luxury.

Agatha Christie wrote some of the finest murder mystery stories and for this rail experience, you really do have to believe you are the world-famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot character from the pages of her books. Select your finest day wear and prepare to depart London to unravel a mystery on board.

The moment you arrive at the platform you know that this experience is going to be special. The gleaming carriages awaiting you are polished to perfection and glisten with a vintage excitement only excellence can provide. Greeted by highly trained professionals dressed immaculately in the finest authentic rail uniforms you will be welcomed onboard into the most magical world of rail carriages dating back to the 1920s and ’30s. Mesmerising beautiful marquetry, shimmering crystal lights, sumptuous furnishings ready to envelop you in comfort and tables laid with the smartest tableware and bespoke linens.

Once settled into your seats meet the cast of suspects on board and use your finest detective skills and the helpful sheet of clues to unravel this vintage mystery. Whether you work alone or use the beautiful art of conversation to share your thoughts with new people spend time contemplating the threads and twists of each suspect while you allow yourself to relax in luxury. As the Belmond British Pullman gently meanders the lines of the track take a moment to absorb the picturesque views of the English countryside as you pass through rolling hill, tunnels, quaint towns and villages.

As the mystery unfolds you will be waited on with the finest cuisine laid before you with the most exquisite presentation. Attention to detail is of the highest standard and seasonal produce is prepared and served in the most delicate ways for you to discover the flavours and quality of the finest food combinations. Accompanied by carefully selected fine wines this dining experience is more than just eating a plate of food, it is a moment for the senses to be set alive and evoke a moment that will leave lasting memories.

Experiencing a day like this is special and whether you are a vintage rail enthusiast, a lover of murder mysteries, appreciate fine dining or just enjoy an experience that’s a little different this really is the perfect way to spend a day and would make a beautiful gift for a loved one or friend.

Once you have solved the mystery, immerse yourself in relaxing and take a moment to appreciate the elegance, luxury and expert skills that have brought to life this iconic train for you to enjoy.