A day in the City of Bath

Stylish, sophisticated and bursting with history the city of Bath is the perfect place to spend a day exploring. With so many interesting sights to see, beautiful period architecture to admire and picturesque views to soak up, Bath will delight you in so many ways, so select your comfy shoes and embrace all that Bath has to offer.

Bath really is full of interesting place to visit and it would be impossible to fit them all in with only a day to explore. Our guide will give you a few ideas to help you plan your day so it feels rewarding and relaxing.

The Roman Baths
Visiting the Roman Baths is definitely a must during your time in the City, brimming with history and original features. The stone remains of this precious piece of history sit beneath the city, a religious spa that shows one of the finest examples of preserved Roman remains, in fact, it is one of the best examples in the world and is sure to delight. The Roman Baths were once used for public bathing and to this day water fills the baths every day with naturally warm and beautifully clear spring waters.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the architecture and the historic surroundings that envelope you as you explore and don’t forget to delve deeper into this wonderful place by taking time to visit the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the museum full of artefacts and historical information.

Pulteney Bridge
Designed in 1769 by Robert Adam this stunning piece of Georgian architecture actually acquires its name from Frances Pulteney the wife of William Pulteney who was a very important man in Georgian Bath. A pretty bridge that oozes a sophisticated style as it arches across the water of the river Avon, it is very unique in that it is home to a parade of shops and boutiques that stretch right across the expanse of the bridge itself. After you have enjoyed perusing the shops the most scenic views of the bridge can actually be found from the Parade Gardens or Crescent Weir.

The Royal Crescent
Shows one of the most wonderful examples of Georgian architecture. Thirty terraced houses stand proud and tall in the Royal Crescent and each and every exterior remains exactly the same since the day it was built. The interiors are now a mix of houses, flats, museums and even a hotel. Let yourself escape to another world as you wonder the crescent admiring the wonder of Georgian architecture.

Bath Abbey
Whether you choose to explore internally or externally Bath Abbey is a beautiful building that stands with grace and drama in the centre of Bath. Finely detailed architecture sits in contrast to the pretty stained glass windows and no matter where you walk the views and details of the Abbey are stunning and will stay with you forever.

If you fancy a gallery or museum to explore look up the Victoria Art Gallery, The Fashion Museum or The Jane Austin Centre.

Remember sometimes it is just nice to wander through the streets of a city soaking up the essence and tiny details that make a place unique. A stroll along the River Avon will not only provide beautiful views but it will also allow time for you to reflect on your time in Bath and soak up the memories to share with loved ones.