The Rocky Mountaineer train

Imagine landscapes so beautiful it is hard to believe they are actually real, scenery that looks so immaculate it is pure natural perfection and all in an area of the world that is vast, dramatic and exciting. This is Canada and this is the Canadian Rockies awaiting your adventure.

Canada has one of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes in the world. Rich in natural splendour, lakes, glaciers and falls and home to an immense range of wildlife species this is one special place to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Focusing on slowing down and absorbing the finer details in life is something we all need to do from time to time and what could be more relaxing and memorable than to slow down the pace of travel? Get comfortable and capture the essence and beauty of the landscapes before you as you journey through the Canadian Rockies on The Rocky Mountaineer train.

The Rocky Mountaineer train is a train like no other in the world. Designed for the specific day time journey’s through the Rocky Mountains this train is all about providing you with a luxurious experience through nature. Glass domed coaches, custom-built for the rail experience, provide you with an opportunity to absorb the atmosphere and drama of the landscape that encapsulates and cascades around you.

Uninterrupted panoramic views provide an opportunity to allow the outside world in but if that’s not enough take a step onto one of the outdoor viewing platforms and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you journey through this eclectic landscape. Allow your mind to escape, relax and unwind. Focus on the details and live in the moment, capture the memory and treasure it forever.

Crystal clear lake waters with glistening surface reflections, rugged mountains snow-capped and bold, luscious green ferns, rumbling rapid waterfalls and wildlife in its natural habitat make this a journey to enlighten the senses in so many ways. Where in the world is there the opportunity to see eagles, wolves, bear, moose and coyotes while travelling in comfort and luxury?

Visually this experience provides you with a painting for the mind. You, the canvas, for the landscape to wash a lasting lifelong memory upon you. The senses of taste, smell and sound are not to be forgotten for the cuisine, inspired by local produce and flavours, that is expertly created aboard provides a dining experience to pair with the views like a fine wine.

This is a rail experience that is more than a visual adventure, this is about capturing the natural beauty of Canada on a journey truly unique, memorable and spectacular. Allow yourself space and time to escape into the experience, to embrace the beauty, immerse yourself in conversation, share the adventure and pocket the memories that will last long into the future. Nowhere in the world can provide an experience like the Canadian Rockies, so relax and embrace the natural beauty that unfolds before you.