A gift with a difference

With Christmas fast approaching or maybe a winter birthday is on the horizon it can be difficult at times to think of special gift ideas for your family and friends but what about a gift that is a little different, a present that will build lasting memories and provide a unique experience like no other. A day trip onboard one of our historical trains with an exquisite dining experience and a journey back in time through the beautiful countryside of Britain will provide a very unique and special gift for a loved one this winter.

For a fine dining experience in pure luxury while travelling in the delightful surroundings of an authentic vintage masterpiece that has been lovingly restored to encapsulate the golden age of travel we have two delightful experiences to choose from…

The Golden Age of Travel aboard the Belmond British Pullman
Approaching this train at the platform immediately sets the tone for an experience of wonder and discovery, the gleaming carriages full of history and stories of famous visitors and moments captured in films awaits for you step aboard and join in the adventures of travel. The moment you enter the carriages you are transported back in time to the roaring 1920s and 1930s where elegance, style, romance and pure decadent design swirls around you and welcomes you to immerse yourself and escape the everyday reality.

Lovingly restored using highly skilled craftsmanship and specially commissioned fabrics to create an authentic example of the golden age of travel you really will feel plunged back in a piece of unforgettable history.

Once welcomed by our highly professional team on board and settled into your seat take a moment to absorb each and every detail that is set before you, plush velvet seats, immaculately pressed linens set with glistening silverware and shimmering crystal cut glasses all awaiting the delightful cuisine to tempt and enjoy as the journey unfolds from London.

Highly trained chefs prepare exquisite food using only the very finest seasonal produce to create sumptuous cuisine to tempt and delight, paired with fine wines and set within the unique environment this precious gift really will last a lifetime of treasured memories.

The Spirit of Travel with lunch on the Northern Belle
Departing from various cities in the Midlands and the North the Northern Belle is a beautifully elegant train waiting to take you on a wondrous journey through Britain’s picturesque landscapes and scenery. Capturing the opulence and grandeur of the historical ‘Belle’ trains of the 1930s the carriages have been lovingly restored with fine, intricate workmanship and immaculate attention to detail.

Each carriage is designed to reflect the luxury and comfort of a stately home and the individual names of the carriages reflect this beautifully. Like the Belmond British Pullman, the Northern Belle has wonderful glossy marquetry and exclusively designed fabrics and furnishings that help to create a truly authentic environment. This really is a country house on wheels to transport you on a journey so unique you really will be lost for words.

Allow yourself to escape into the moment when travel really was golden and luxurious, embrace all that this experience has to offer from the champagne reception and five-course lunch that is expertly created with the finest produce by chefs with years of experience and passion, to the sumptuous comfort of your seat and the pretty countryside that passes by.

Unique gifts like these last more than the moment themselves, the memories shared create a gift that continues for many more years long after the experience has been enjoyed.