Montreux at Christmas

Chateux de Chillon Planet Rail

We all get swallowed up in the commercial side of Christmas and it is all too easy to lose the special feelings Christmas time brings. It is a time for celebration, traditions, sharing precious moments with family and friends and truly indulging and relaxing, and what could be more relaxing than escaping the hustle and bustle of busy shopping areas and travelling to Monteux? A place where you can wrap yourself in authentic traditions, truly spend quality time together and make magical memories that will last far longer than any present.

Montreux at Christmas is the perfect pre-Christmas trip to prepare yourself or a very special early gift to share with the people you love. Travelling in first-class style all the way you will defiantly relax into the Christmas mood as the time passes by to Switzerland. Once you arrive a change of trains will take you along the shimmering and glistening winter views of Lake Geneva whereupon you will alight at Montreux ready to enjoy the magical Christmas experiences.

The traditional resort town of Montreux is nestled neatly between the stunning natural beauty of the mountains and lake, while nothing could be more authentic than this natural beauty delicately sprinkled in snow and dotted with the twinkling lights of Christmas decorations, a truly charming and enchanting atmosphere awaits you.

The traditions of Christmas in Montreux far outweigh the commercialism of Christmas we are all to accustom to, so allow your senses to be fully immersed in the sounds of music and festive cheer, aromas of mulled wine and the tastes of sweet treats.

Whether you are exploring by day or night the festive atmosphere will captivate and envelop you creating those magical feelings we all dream of at Christmas. Local artisans sell the most delicate, beautiful and highly crafted gifts ready for you to take home. Something extra special and totally unique, a gift only to be found in such a magical place will capture the memories to share.

To really take yourself back in time a visit to the Medieval Christmas market in the Chateau de Chillon on the shores of Lake Geneva will help you to escape fully. Full of history, romance and beauty the castle is one of the best preserved in Europe. If you fancy exploring further a visit to the mountains of Gruyeres will allow you to indulge in the famous cheese while exploring the Gruyeres cheese Museum. If you would prefer something slightly less indulgent then the Glacier Mountain Train via Aigle to Les Diablerets will provide you with a winter experience so breathtakingly beautiful it will really enlighten the Christmas senses.

Sharing the festive joy with people from all over the world a visit to Montreux at Christmas is the perfect way to ignite the festive feelings for all. With natural beauty all around and scenery so pretty, local festive delicacies and lights that sparkle it is easy to see why Montreux is so appealing. As you travel home in style with swirling magical memories filling your mind, relax and remember the special feelings of Christmas.