The beauty of Biarritz

Elegant and full of charm Biarritz oozes a coastal style like no other. Surrounded by natural beauty and landscapes to leave memories like a painting Biarritz has a lot to offer and so much to explore.

Set on the South West coast of France with views of the Bay of Biscay, Biarritz is the perfect destination to take a break. Stunning Belle Époque and Art Deco villas line the streets of this chic city and the combination of stylish seaside resort and relaxed surfers vibes mean this city has an eclectic mix of sights and places of interest to tempt you while away.

Well known for its sandy beaches Biarritz is a surfer’s paradise, and no matter what your skill level it provides the perfect opportunity to get in the water and have a go. With lots of surf schools and surfing lessons available whether you are an expert or beginner, Biarritz provides the professionals and the great surf to allow you to embrace this cool and energising sport.

Out of the water, Biarritz has so many interesting places to explore here are a few ideas to tempt you when thinking about how you might like to spend your time while there.

Keeping things a little damp still is the Musée de la Mer offering the opportunity to see a vast range of marine life including sharks, rays and a stunning Caribbean lagoon filled with colourful coral reefs. The aquarium is set in an impressive Art Deco building that provides an impressive home for these sea creatures to live.

Tempting the water and sea interests further is the Cité de l’Océan a very contemporary piece of architectural design that draws you in to discover more. Once inside you will discover a vast array of interactive exhibits in this ocean museum along with the opportunity to have a go at virtual surfing, great if you’re tempted to have a go but not quite ready to get in the water fully.

Once you have fully immersed yourself into the wonderful world of ocean life maybe exploring something completely different like the Musee Historique de Biarritz or the Musée Asiatica will show you a different aspect of Biarritz.

The Musee Historique de Biarritz is set within a beautiful church from the late 16th century. It houses a collection of exhibits detailing the growth and changes in Biarritz over the years. Full of historical exhibitions, pieces of art and digital projections this is the perfect place to learn about the rich history of this coastal resort.

For something totally unique and quite unexpected to find in this seaside location is the Musée Asiatica home to a stunning collection of Asian art. Pieces from Tibet, India, Nepal and China are delightfully displayed in this small but carefully considered exhibition space.

Take a moment to slow down your time in Biarritz and enter the Eglise Sainte-Eugenie. A relatively small church in comparison to many but one that dominates the skyline of Biarritz standing proud and beautiful against the coastline. Immerse yourself in the quiet calm of the church and take a moment to reflect and absorb the precious moments of your time away. Let the pretty details of the stained glass windows and dramatic Neo-Gothic architecture enter your memories and relax fully in the moment during your time in Biarritz.

Allowing yourself time to absorb all your experiences is important as time away goes all too fast and before you know it you are taking the journey home. The perfect way to take a moment while in Biarritz and absorb the natural beauty of this stunning coast is to head to Rocher du Basta (a bridge arching over the sea to a rugged rock) or the Rocher de la Vierge (bridge leading to rock formation with a statue of the Virgin Mary). Both provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the rugged rocks and dramatic landscape that make up this area of coastline. With the sound of the waves, the fresh coastal air and the warm sun upon you, this is definitely the perfect way to absorb the elements of your holiday.

Biarritz really does offer something for everyone, with cliffs, beautiful mountain views, sandy beaches, great surf, history and fantastic cuisine a coastal break here really will relax and revitalise in so many ways, so enjoy the beauty that is Biarritz.