Highlights of Seville to capture in a day

Plaza de Espana, Seville

Seville the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region is a pretty city full of delicate yet dramatic features and architectural wonders that ooze a charming antique essence. A city that is varied and has passionate roots in its Flamenco dancing history as well as a delicate romanticism in the air. Seville awaits you to explore its magnificence and vibrancy but where do you begin with only a day to capture its beauty and wonder?

Below you will find a few ideas to help you plan your day in Seville but remember to think about what you would really like to see as to see a little in detail is much better than seeing a lot in a rush.

Catedral de Sevilla
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Seville is a breathtakingly impressive example of Gothic architecture that is full of elaborate architectural details both inside and out. Not only is the Cathedral beautiful to look at it is also brimming with history as it the home of Christopher Columbus’s tomb. Be sure to allow time to soak up the wonders of Seville’s history and architecture.

La Giralda
One of the most famous sights in Seville is the La Giralda, the Moorish bell tower of the Catedral de Sevilla. It is a tower of grace and beauty as it reaches high into the sky with its decorative and ornate features dramatic against the changing colours of the skyline. To really enjoy this tower take a walk to the top to see views all across Seville and with no stairs only ramps this is one viewing platform available to all. Take a walk by in the evening to see the tower lit up at night if you can, another way to really appreciate its delicate architecture.

Royal Alcázar of Seville
One of the oldest European Royal Palaces that are still in use today. It was built for the Christian King Peter of Castile and is a stunning piece of architecture that shows a real mix of styles and periods. The Palace is a vast and beautiful design with stunning ornate details and delicately manicured gardens full of pretty landscaping and fountains. Decorative arches and elaborate tiles add to the beauty of this highly detailed Palace and you are sure to be amazed as you explore within. It is one of the most visited Palaces in the world so be sure to book tickets in advance.

Plaza de España and the Park de María Luisa
Must be captured during your visit as it shows stunning examples of Art Deco and Renaissance architecture that oozes romance and beauty. The Plaza set within the park is the perfect place to spend a while soaking up the beauty of Seville while reflecting upon your visit and travels. Head to the balconies to see stunning views of the bridges, arches and fountains and then relax and escape into tranquillity in the pretty manicured gardens admiring the views, monuments and luscious foliage, the park is also home to the museum of archaeology.

Other places you may want to also visit during your time in Seville are…

  • Seville Museum of Fine Arts (art museum set in a 17th century Palace)
  • Puente de Isabel II (Historic Iron Bridge)
  • Flamenco Museum (learn all about the passion of Flamenco set in an 18th-century building)

Always try to purchase tickets in advance where you can as this will save precious time when it comes to seeing everything you would like to; and remember you don’t always have to view somewhere on the inside, sometimes admiring a place only from the outside can be just as meaningful.

Whatever you see in Seville it will be spectacular and very memorable so enjoy your time exploring and collecting memories to share with family and friends.