The River Danube

Flowing with history and a very unique course the river Danube journeys through ten countries, more than any other river in the world, famous in so many ways and known all over the globe a break on the river Danube is sure to be magical and very memorable.

Beginning in Germany the Danube flows south-east for 2,850 km and passes through Austria, Slovakia, Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine before dispersing into the Black Sea. The Danube is a river like no other, it is a central focus for so many people in a wide range of countries and has supported the lives of many for centuries.

There is a vast history when it comes to the river. For the trading of goods around Europe it was a key method of transportation between countries. Today the tourist trade of river cruises is what makes up most of the river Danube’s use but the water is also still used for drinking (once cleaned) and agricultural uses such as watering crops. Another key use of the river today is hydropower and the river’s flow produces energy for all the countries that the Danube passes through but this hydroelectric power has had a large impact on the economic development of Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade in particular.

Passing through the capital cities of Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade the Danube River not only takes on an epic journey but also flows through some of the most beautiful views and landscapes in this part of Europe. Each and every individual country has something exceptional to see and discover whether it be from the waters or during a stop off at land. The variety and range of history, architecture, cuisine and cultures to be discovered makes a journey on the Danube so beautifully unique and exciting.

Imagine cruising along the River Danube on a cruise liner designed for comfort, rest and relaxation, meeting new people as you travel between countries and cities and immersing yourself in the history and curiosities of new places. Enjoying a holiday like this will create a range of experiences that encapsulates the wonders of the Danube and Europe creating lasting memories to treasure and share for years to come.

Did you know that the river and its importance were celebrated in a famous waltz ‘An der schönen, blauen Donau’ (The Blue Danube) by Johann Strauss in 1867? A beautiful, classical waltz that really does set a tone for travelling along and discovering the exciting delights of each destination while relaxing as you cruise in comfort.

Whatever part of the Danube river you experience you can be sure to have an experience that is different and steeped in history. Taking a moment to think about all the different parts of Europe the water flows really does provide the enormity of why this river really is so very special and why it holds so much importance to the populations of each country it breathes life through.