Shopping in Paris

Paris Planet Rail

As far as cities across the world go, Paris really does seem to have it all. From its world-famous sights, art and museums, delightful coffee and pastries, to a totally unique shopping experience that will make your Parisian visit even more memorable.

Paris is a fashion capital known all over the world where you are sure to find designs that are special in every way, from luxury haute couture to high-end fashion boutiques Paris has it all, and you will definitely find something to suit the taste of each and every individual.

With many well-known and famous designers making Paris their home you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the vast array of boutiques and shops to browse, so where do you begin? For a shopping experience that oozes style and grandeur a good starting point is…

Boulevard Haussmann et Galeries Lafayette an upmarket department store like no other. A vast space inspired by Art Nouveau creates a stunning and breathtaking atmosphere to relax and enjoy, a beautiful glass domed roof makes this department store impressive and the feelings or grandeur flow all around you in the ornate, decorative details of the architectural structure.

Boutiques fill the space and a swirling staircase draws you upwards to both the shopping opportunities and the stunning dome. Opened in 1895 this shopping experience is full of history, style and excitement. By far the most spectacular time to visit is during the festive seasons when the store is bedecked in elaborate decorations creating a magical atmosphere.

Avenue Des Champs-Élysées is by far one of the world’s most well-known shopping streets and one of the prettiest. Trees shaped to perfection line the avenue creating chic and inviting areas to be explored and perused. With the Obelisk of Luxor (Concorde) at one end and the Arc de Triomphe at the other, the avenue has both exceptional shopping opportunities and famous sights to be admired.

With designers such as Guerlain, Hugo Boss, Cartier and Longchamp all making a home for themselves on the famous street, shopping here will be varied and relaxing. A must see is the Louis Vuitton store at 101 Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Known for its elaborate and divine window displays this shopping experience is art for the eyes in more ways than one.

The Rue St Honoré is dedicated to luxury fashion designers and its narrow passages and streets are brimming with styles to be appreciated and tried. Home to well-known designers such as Hermes, Lanvin, Gucci, YSL, Mulberry and Michael Kors a visit here is sure to delight. Close by is the Place Vendome, here you will find Dior and other high-end fashion boutiques.

Paris’s most exquisite street of fashion awaits you, the Avenue Montaigne is one of the world’s most expensive shopping streets and is home to Chanel, Valentino, Christian La Croix, Fendi and many, many more amazing design wonders.

A little something extra…

For a fashion lover why not visit 31 Rue Cambon. The home, atelier and fashion boutique of Coco Chanel. Chanel purchased the whole building and created her own personal apartment on the top floor, her couture fashion studio on the first floor and on the ground floor opened her fashion boutique.

Today the building and contents are all as they were but her apartment and studio are not open to the public. Her fashion boutique is very much a thriving retail store and due to its special location is a meaningful and magical experience for any lover of fashion.

Wherever you choose to start your shopping experience be sure to take moments to look around you and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of shopping in Paris. After all, a city that oozes a passion for fashion and style is sure to provide truly special purchases and memories that can be passed on to loved ones and treasured forever.