A day in Moscow

Moscow the capital of Russia is situated on the Moskva River in Western Russia and is a vibrant capital rich in history and culture. With an impressive collection of stunning architectural wonders to admire this is a city brimming with sights to see and experiences to immerse yourself in.

With so much on offer in this eclectic city seeing everything in only a day would be impossible but below you will find a few ideas to inspire you when it comes to planning your time exploring Moscow.

Let’s start with one of Russia’s most famous landmarks The Kremlin. The Kremlin is actually a fortress that overlooks the River Moskva, the word Kremlin means ‘fortress inside a city’ and the Kremlin in Russia is a fine example of exactly this. Vast in size and impressively built, the walls of the Kremlin and its towers surround some of Russia’s most important buildings and are home to the key leaders of Russia.

Within the walls of the fortress sit some of Russia’s most iconic landmarks including St Basils Cathedral, Red Square and Alexander Garden. With five Palaces, four cathedrals and the Grand Kremlin Palace which is home to the Russian President the Kremlin covers a large area that is an important part of this capital and an interesting area to explore and discover the history of Moscow.

Red Square is a historic square surrounded by monuments including Lenin’s Mausoleum and historical architecture that once separated the Fortress walled city from the remaining part of the city. Today the square is a key area to wander and absorb the history of Russia.

Stood elaborately at the southern end of Red Square the St Basils Cathedral is known all over the world for its eclectic and flamboyant design. Classic and typical of the architectural designs throughout Russia, the cathedral really is an impressive sight to admire. Contemporary shapes, curves, colours and intricate details create a unique and explorative piece of architecture like nothing seen before. Inside you will find little chapels full of splendid details, dramatic designs all rich in history, this is a special cathedral in so many ways and is full of surprises that will last long in your memories.

Alexander Garden within the Kremlin was one of the first public parks in Moscow and is the perfect place to reflect on the power, grace and scale of the Kremlin. Pretty manicured gardens, fountains and sculptures all decorate the Alexander Garden allowing for a peaceful environment with a dramatic Kremlin view backdrop.

The Grand Kremlin Palace is an immense piece of architecture, glistening like a white wedding cake delicately topped with gold. Its scale and beauty has to be seen to be believed and the details and architectural designs are really quite different in comparison to the architectural examples throughout the capital.

There really is so much to see within the Kremlin and some areas are open at certain times so look up ideas before you go to be sure you don’t miss anything, there are also no restaurants or cafes within the fortress.

More ideas…

  • Sobornaya Square
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Ivan the Great Bell-Tower
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • Muzeon Art Park (bus ride maybe be required)

Wherever you explore in Moscow be sure to absorb the views and sights on the skyline regularly as the unique domes, curves and architectural shapes create a view like nowhere else in the world. Immerse yourself fully in the history, sights and cuisine that make this capital so special and take home lasting memories of Moscow to share forever.