The Al-Andalus hotel train

Awaiting at the platform sits a line of delightful coffee and cream coloured carriages polished to perfection and oozing a sophistication so elegant the temptation to step aboard is instant. Built in France between 1928 and 1930 the Al-Andalus hotel train is made up of the most beautiful Belle Époque carriages that will instantly transport you to a bygone era when rail travel was a luxurious experience of adventure and discovery. A time when travelling was more than just journeying from one place to another.

Travelling through Andalucía the Al –Andalus journeys through beautiful landscapes and fascinating cities allowing time for you to stop and discover the delights within but it is the experience onboard that really enhances this journey and makes this holiday adventure so much more. Allow yourself the pleasure and relaxation this rail experience provides and escape the real world for a while, indulging in the luxury and collecting memories to last a lifetime.

Beautifully restored to fully capture the style and details of the period, each and every carriage has also been updated to include modern-day luxuries. Care and consideration have meant that the historic and present have been brought together in a way that is respectful of one another and truly creates something wonderful that reflects authenticity and comfort.

Bespoke furnishings crafted to the very highest standards adorn the carriages and highly polished marquetry adds a welcoming warmth to the interior spaces. Perfectly pressed linens tempt rest, and plump soft cushions welcome relaxation. Comfort and luxury really are at the forefront of this spectacular train.

Stunning art nouveau details adorn the carriages bringing the essence of a bygone era even closer to reality. Escape into a dreamy world of travel in the 1920s and immerse yourself in the historical world so far-fetched from modern reality.

Every aspect on board the Al –Andalus hotel train is designed to help you relax and unwind, from the moment you arrive and are welcomed on board to the cabins designed to aid a restful night’s sleep, each and every detail has been created to provide a luxurious and unique experience. Exquisite cuisine using authentic ingredients is expertly prepared daily using only the very freshest of ingredients, live entertainment to delight the evenings provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and share stories, and when you are ready to retire the space between the saloon carriages and cabins provides peace and tranquillity.

Travelling through southern Spain provides a travel experience that is sure to delight but travelling in the luxurious surroundings of the Al-Andalus creates the opportunity for you to slow down on your adventure. We all too often live daily life at a fast and busy pace, we forget to stop and observe our surroundings. We are all too often consumed by digital devices and the world of technology that we miss the finer details in life and so spend some time talking to one another while not simultaneously doing other things. This adventure not only allows for new discoveries it provides the chance for you to slow down and absorb the experience, fully creating lasting memories that go far beyond a photograph quickly captured.