The Cinque Terre

Italy by rail - Cinque Terre

Nestled against the coastal cliffs of the Italian Riviera sits a collection of villages so distinctive and striking. Known as The Cinque Terre the rugged coastline of this area is dramatic and daring yet is home to some of the most delicate-looking buildings that scatter the drama of the coast with pops of colour and create an area of Italy that is exciting, unique and full of beautiful seaside charm waiting to be explored.

The Cinque Terre (the five lands) are five villages individually unique and enticing in different ways yet when viewed at sea as a whole create an area of Italy that is breathtakingly beautiful and captivating. Nowhere else in the world can bring the drama and quaintness that The Cinque Terre eclectically combines and with tantalising cuisine, picture-perfect views and sophistication and lure floating in the air, select your most comfortable walking shoes and escape into the magic.

When arriving in this stunning part of Italy it is impossible not to breathe in the sea air, slow down your movements, relax the body and let the mind unwind. The isolation and beauty set before you is a natural medicine for the soul. Known for the maze-like walking paths and the Sentiero Azzurro hiking trails that connect each village The Cinque Terre provides the perfect break for relaxation and gentle exercise with plenty of routes to suit all abilities. Always look up paths and access before setting off as some parts become inaccessible at certain times of the year and some may have maintenance plans in place, a train service links all the five villages with Genoa, Pisa and Rome.

With history and tales to share the fishing communities of the five villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso have something for everyone and each unique in their own little ways means exploring them all will provide you with an insight to the wonders of this captivating area. With few roads, escaping into the natural beauty of the coastal paths and immersing yourself into the views will help you to unwind. There are preserved architectural delights to explore, and discovering the tantalising flavours from the harbours and vineyards will definitely enlighten the senses.

Well known for its cuisine The Cinque Terre produces some of the finest pesto and the harbours provide catches of anchovies so fresh they will set the taste buds alight. Lemon trees line the villages and escaping the sun with a glass of The Cinque Terre wine, Sciacchetrà, with a coastal view is the perfect way to relax for an hour or two and slowing down allows you to capture the essence of the area even more.

Each Village provides something different whether it be a coastal viewpoint, botanical gardens, bird centre, historical architecture or even beaches and harbours but no matter what you discover or enjoy The Cinque Terre will provide you with an Italian experience that is beautiful, captivating, unique and memorable.