Top tips for traveling light

Wherever you may be travelling it is always good to travel with the most practical amount of luggage. Whether there are luggage limits or not, being able to travel light will make your journey a lot more enjoyable. Sometimes it is vital to travel light so mastering the art of taking just the right amount is the perfect way to enjoy a holiday wherever in the world you go. Below you will find a few ideas to help you pack, and remember travelling light doesn’t mean style is ever compromised.

Firstly think about your holiday. Are you going to be moving on from destinations regularly or staying a while in one location? Will your destination be hot or have a more variable climate? Will you require evening wear? Do you need practical sightseeing shoes that will keep you on the go all day? These are just a few questions that will help you to think about what your holiday will be like. Use a notebook to jot down your answers then use it to help you decide what to pack. Remember to choose luggage that is comfortable to carry or if possible choose a pull along suitcase that will save starting off your break with a sore back.

Plan outfits/clothes
By planning a collection of clothes that can work with each other you will reduce the number of items you take vastly. Think about the colours and textures of garments and consider the practicality of the materials for the weather at your destination. Consider how items could be dressed up or down to create different looks.

If your destination is going to have variable weather select layers of clothing rather than taking bulky items such as heavy knits that will take up a lot of space. Think about layers with different sleeve lengths such as vests, tee shirts, shirts and thin long sleeved tops, all can be combined for warmth or worn separately depending on the temperature.

It is easy to think that you need lots of shoes for different outfits but really you don’t, careful consideration of the clothing you are taking means you only need to take the absolute minimum. Select a pair of day time shoes, evening/ dress shoes and if going to a beach destination sandals or flip-flops that will be suitable for the sand. If you choose for example tan, canvas or nude colours of footwear you will find that they can be combined will all other colours of clothing and accessories.

Take a practical day time bag that is comfy to carry and fits in all the essential items such as travel guides, purse/wallet, a bottle of water and sunscreen if required. Then choose a bag suitable for an evening out such a clutch or small tote and lastly take a foldable cotton bag that you can use for any souvenirs or shopping you buy while away.

Did you know that one of the most versatile accessories is the scarf? A large lightweight scarf can be used in so many ways and takes up very little space when packing. Not only is it great if it becomes chilly in the day, but it can also be dressed up or down very easily depending on the clothes it accompanies. It can provide excellent protection against the sun as a headscarf or draped loosely around the shoulders and it makes an excellent travel pillow or it can even be used a picnic cloth.

Keep it simple
Before you travel why not consider creating a simplified beauty and makeup routine that will not only be quick and easy but also means you can travel with a much lighter makeup/wash bag. Decant your favourite products that you require into smaller travel sized bottles or some companies now sell travel sized products of larger versions.

Top tips for packing

  • Roll items to take up less space and reduce creasing
  • Pack items inside one another for example place socks in shoes, this will not only save space but also help to keep the shoe in shape
  • Don’t take a bulky fluffy towel if you require a beach towel instead choose a Hammam towel that is lightweight, fast drying and very versatile
  • Sun hats are difficult to pack as they often become miss shaped. Combine the hat into your travel clothes/outfit and wear it on the days you travel this will keep it in the best shape and keep your hands free for luggage and travel passes

Wherever your journey(s) may take you in the world embrace travelling light and enjoy the experience of travel and adventure and be sure to capture memories that will last a lifetime.