Top sights to see in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect place to take a break due to the perfect mix of city location, pretty beaches and lots of sunshine and what is more this vibrant city has so much to offer. Being smaller in size than Madrid and Barcelona the city of Valencia isn’t quite as well known when it comes to top sights to see in Spain yet there are some amazing places just waiting to be explored and the opportunity to make lasting memories awaits.

Valencia is a port city that lies on Spain’s southeastern coast, it is rich in history and more recently has become known as being a city of arts and sciences due to the impressive modern architectural creations that have been developed and the impressive facilities and collections they are home to. Here you will find a few ideas to inspire you when exploring the wonders of Valencia.

The City of Arts and Sciences is a cultural and architectural complex that has been developed and created in the former river bed of the river Turia along with a sunken park. The location and development are immense and the architectural formations are very impressive and are sure to leave a lasting impression of modern Valencia.

Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela designed the city that was built between 1996 and 2005 with architecture that reflects the details and movements of an eye and an impressive structure that is inspired by the skeleton of a whale this is design like no other. With venues full of exhibitions, an Oceanographic Aquarium that is the largest in Europe, an IMAX Cinema (with headphones in your chosen language) and so much more this really is a stunning place to spend a while, even if you only explore form the exterior spaces and outdoor landscaping.

Valencia Cathedral in stark contrast to the City of Arts and Sciences is a breathtakingly beautiful venue steeped in history and rich architectural wonders of a less modern period.

Romanesque, Valencian Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Neo-Classical styles have fused together over the years it took to build to create a masterpiece of stunning architecture that graces the city of Valencia. Immaculate details within stained glass windows shine and glisten in the sunlight along with intricately detailed architectural focal points and an interior that will leave you speechless.

The Turia Fountain represents the Turia River and upholds the Roman God Neptune. It sits within the Plaza de la Virgen across from the Cathedral. This area is surrounded by beautiful architecture, historic buildings and cafes, it is the perfect place to take a moment in the shade, soak up the atmosphere and reflect on your experiences.

Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange) is a famous civil Gothic monument in Europe. The Lonja was once the trading place of silk and is now a historic masterpiece of Gothic architecture that is rich is trading history. The interior shows the rich power and wealth this building held during the 15th and 16th centuries and is well worth visiting to absorb the cities history.

The Church of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir has recently been restored and depicts the most beautiful paintings and ornate details in the stunning architectural structures. Gothic and Baroque styles come together in an epic feat of architectural splendour that has also become known as the Valencian Sistine Chapel, beautiful, peaceful and immensely memorable.

There really is so much to see in Valencia that you may also wish to consider:

  • The Palace of Marques de Dos Aguas (housed within is the ceramics museum). Even if you only admire this building from the outside be sure to take the time to do so as it is beautiful in all its details and features
  • The Museu de Belles Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) is home to more than 2,000 works dating from the 14th century, a varied collection that is sure to delight
  • Mercado Central (Central Market) is one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau design and is home to the Valencian markets that showcase the spectacular local produce. Not many markets are housed in a venue this impressive
  • Valencia Beaches and Marina are the perfect places to escape the sightseeing and soak up the natural beauty of the coast. Take off your shoes and feel the warm sand between your toes or peruse the Marina and enjoy taking a moment to reflect and relax


Spending time in the city of Valencia is sure to be special in so many ways but, whatever you choose to see and do, don’t forget to really absorb the little details that make Valencia so unique and like nowhere else in the world.