Lake Garda

Crystal clear waters glistening in the light, dramatic reflections captured on the surface and air so fresh and invigorating it sets the senses alive. This place is special, natural and instantly draws you in, this area is like no other, this is Lake Garda.

Nestled in Northern Italy and surrounded by the drama of The Dolomites, Lake Garda is a unique area of stunning natural beauty. From cascading mountains, rugged cliffs and snow-topped peaks to delicately manicured landscaping, cobbled streets and castles this part of Italy really does have something for everyone. Its charm and unique character is longing to be explored.

The most spectacular way to experience Lake Garda is from the waters of the lake itself. With plenty of ferry options stopping off on unique routes along the lake finding the one that fulfils your wish list shouldn’t be too difficult but the hard part might be deciding which areas to explore. Once you have decided on your destinations really allow yourself to be fully immersed in the wonders of natural splendour that drapes the scenery. Colours that look like they have been mixed on an artist’s palette, textures that add depth and enhance the drama and no matter what the season the atmosphere and light is enlightening. Let your mind escape the stresses of home and allow yourself to unwind as you travel in comfort along this spectacular lake.

Travelling on Lake Garda is a tranquil experience and you will discover so many special Italian gems. From the 13th Century Roman Villa Grotto of Catullus in Sirmione to the lemon and citrus fruits growing in Limone Sul Garda and the Medieval Castle in the picturesque Malcesine there really is so much to see and experience in each of the quaint villages scattered along the lake you really won’t be disappointed. Don’t be afraid to slow down and spend time contemplating the beauty of the Lake and villages over a leisurely lunch with a glass of wine, reflect on experiences and capture the feelings as this is a place like no other.

Some of the villages provide the opportunity to take to the water and partake in water sports or even a swim at the sandy lake beaches but if you fancy something a little less invigorating how about taking a book and relaxing on the sands while admiring the views or observing the traditional fishing methods that are still used to this day in the harbours.

One of the most exciting aspects of staying at Lake Garda is the opportunity it allows for you to experience even more of Italy as regular trains depart to Milan, Verona and Venice. How delightful to combine the tranquil natural beauty of the lake with an exciting eclectic day in the city of Milan or head to the city of romance and take to the waters in Venice.

Exploring Lake Garda really does provide the perfect way to embrace a relaxed holiday as the scenery, food, sights and fresh mountain air really do overwhelm the senses and create a truly serene holiday experience that is totally unique and immensely beautiful.