A quintessentially British day out

Within the grounds of a 105-acre garden sits a grade 1 listed house and stables that is a beautiful example of classical British history. With stunning architecture, manicured landscapes and an art collection that is rich in both style and history, Chatsworth House awaits for you to discover.

Home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire the house has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family. Overflowing with history and artefacts the house has over 30 rooms, with exquisite period features maintained to perfection and furnishings that depict the style and grace of the house beautifully. It houses one of the most significant art collections in Britain spanning 4,000 years from ancient Roman and Egyptian sculpture to immaculate pieces by Rembrandt, Reynolds and Veronese, right through to modern pieces Lucian Freud, David Nash and so many more.

Nearly 500 years of work completed in the most delicate ways have created carefully composed grounds and gardens for you to explore and enjoy. From ancient trees, cascading fountains, entertaining mazes and artful sculptures, to a collection of plants and flowers that will leave you mesmerised. From the bold and contemporary species to the delicate classics there really is something for everyone to enjoy, and escaping to this stunning house is sure to provide a day that is immensely relaxing for both the mind and body.

Chatsworth House provides the perfect location for a day in the British countryside and what better way to journey to this stunning location than by the most quintessentially British mode of transportation, the train. Providing you with a unique experience the Belmond British Pullman will take you on an unforgettable experience from London to the Derbyshire countryside in pure vintage style and luxurious comfort.

Vintage carriages lovingly restored with the finest craftsmanship and skills provide an atmosphere of pure vintage glamour from the golden age of travel. The history and stories these carriages hold provide a setting that will transport you back in time when travel was more than just an experience of moving locations. A time when travel was an art form, an experience of journeying and adventure, and a time when travelling in luxurious comfort and relaxation was just as important as the destination.

While discovering the delights of travelling on the Belmond British Pullman you will also experience a dining experience that will leave many lasting memories from your brunch on your outward journey to the five-course dinner on your return, each served with the most exquisite attention to detail you are sure to enjoy a sensational experience for the senses.

With the sommelier’s wine selections, fine tableware and shimmering crystal cut glasses, the seasonal produce skilfully prepared by the finest chefs onboard creates an atmosphere and experience of pure elegance. Escape, relax your mind and let each and every detail be absorbed to saviour the sights, sounds, aromas and tastes in each and every unique way this experience allows.

From the moment you depart London to the delights of Chatsworth House experiencing a day out on the Belmond British Pullman really is quite simply a quintessentially British day out.