The Geiranger Fjord

Nestled within the beauty of Scandinavia is the country of Norway, a country that oozes a natural magnificence. From towering mountains, glaciers, vast forests, unique fawner and eclectic plants to the dramatic a breathtaking Geiranger Fjord Norway is rich in stunning landscapes and natural beauty that is longing to share its splendour.

The Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO protected area, is situated in the Sunnmøre region of Møre og Romsdal county and is a vast scene of glistening emerald and sapphire colours with a drama like nowhere else in the world. Formed after a continuous period of ice ages when glaciers sculptured the land to form fjords and rising mountains the Geiranger Fjord is 15 kilometres and is a deep blue surrounded by an impressive palette of greens, icy hues and rugged mountain textures. This area of Norway really is like looking at the work of an artist, the artist of nature.

Surrounding the fjord sits dramatic mountains topped with snow, powerful waterfalls break the surfaces some with intense power others with a delicate fine mist of a spray, each adding their own unique detail to this stunning fjord and the landscape captured.

From the sky to the ground the views are spectacular and instantly create a tranquil aspect so often missing in everyday life. Travelling to areas like this provides more than just an experience of somewhere new, it creates the opportunity for you to focus on your mind, body and soul and absorb each and every detail of the natural beauty before your eyes. Allowing yourself to escape the everyday stresses of daily life and immerse yourself in the smells, sounds, refreshing air and views brings a peace to the mind that enhances wellbeing.

With the opportunity to explore the areas around the fjord or to take to the water directly, there really is ample opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the surroundings. Whether it is taking a hike to explore the waterfalls a little more closely, kayaking on the water or cycling around the many designated pathways, absorbing the beauty of this area couldn’t be easier or more invigorating. If you fancy something a little less active simply strolling the water’s edge or spending an hour fishing is just as beautiful, rewarding and relaxing.

After relaxing or experiencing something new explore the delightful cuisine on offer in this area from the fresh fish caught daily, cured meats and foraged fruits to the Scandinavian classics there really is something to tempt the taste buds for all.

Exploring the Geiranger Fjord is inspiring and provides a holiday experience that combines relaxation with adventure and excitement. The perfect way to refresh and revitalise the mind, inspire a new outlook and all within an area of outstanding natural beauty. So escape the everyday and take a moment to refresh and revitalise yourself in this beautiful part of Norway.