An Italian Holiday of Contrasts: Rome & Sorrento by First Class Rail

Italy by rail

There’s no place quite like Italy


Florence in spring time, Tuscany, Italy by rail

It is Europe’s hub of art, history and culture.

The Land of Love, and our affectionately named ‘Boot’.

Discover Italy by Rail

Italy by rail – sitting snug in the heart of Southern Europe, nestled beneath France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, its peninsula kicks out into the Mediterranean Sea. Though long, its land mass comes up short against its Western neighbours. However, with a population of almost 60 million and as the fourth largest economy in the continent, it is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Italy’s cultural heritage is unmatched by any other. Its long history boasts plenty of pivotal moments, making for a European centre of excitement, knowledge and influence, along with being the true birthplace of Western civilisation. Stories of religion, art and romance are punctuated by conquest, war and rebellion, and each of these features can be readily observed in the landmarks that litter the country (very few preserve their heritage like Italy!) Its architectural repertoire includes the Colosseum, Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, Doges’ Palace, Duomo in Florence and the leaning tower of Pisa, while artistic offerings include Michelangelo’s David and the Trevi Fountain, not to mention the wealth of world famous masterpieces that adorn its gallery walls.colosseum-rome italy by rail

While this extensive portfolio of art and architecture makes Italy ideal for culture vultures, a Mediterranean climate and an extensive 4,722 mile coastline also encourage sun-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to frequent its shores. Italy’s natural sites are just as impressive as its man-made phenomena; lush rolling hills, rugged volcanoes and snow capped mountains exist in harmony with beautiful balmy beaches and picturesque lakes. This diverse and delightful environment is perfect for holidaymakers who wish to walk, climb, cycle and swim… as well as lying back and enjoying a glass of wine!

Italy’s land and cityscapes are certainly food for thought, offering visitors a multitude of beautiful sights to marvel over, explore and indulge in. Of course, nothing is as tasty as Italy’s incredible cuisine.

In Italy, food is not just a means of fuelling the body. Cooking is not a chore, and feasting with family is not just an occasional treat. For Italians, food defines them, and the country’s pride – coupled with its fresh produce and traditional recipes – means you’re unlikely to face a disappointing meal.

However, aside from the garlic, pesto and pancetta, the main ingredient of any Italian dish is the company in which you enjoy it. Dining with close friends and family members is key, along with taking your time and savouring every last bite, from your very first olive to your final sip of limoncello (Italian lunches can last until dinner time!)

At Planet Rail, we’re strong believers that the best way to explore Italy and indulge in its delights is by visiting Italy by rail. That’s why we offer a selection of Italian getaways, providing our travellers with a unique, First Class experience upon the rails. Today, we want to take a closer look at our Rome and Sorrento package, a 10 day holiday that includes travel across Italy via daytime trains and private taxi transfers, plus overnight stays in a range of gorgeous hotels.

When visiting Italy by rail, your journey begins in London, where you climb aboard the Eurostar to be whisked to Paris. From here, our holiday-makers head towards the Swiss Alps, and after a day in Zurich, the journey continues south along the stunning Gotthard route past Milan and into Rome. Your 72 hours in the Eternal City are sure to fly by, so make the most of your time by planning ahead carefully.

Rome is a truly special place, awash with artistic masterpieces, ancient architecture and some of the greatest stories that our world has to offer. Of course, your time here shouldn’t just be dedicated to art and history. Live the life of an Italian by discovering Rome’s maze of streets away from the popular landmarks, visiting market stalls and popping into independent shops. When it’s time to chill out, order a glass of wine and sit outside for a spot of people-watching. And when dinner time rolls around, enjoy a long, late meal before partaking in La Passeggiata, aka. an evening stroll to finish off the day.

After two full days in Rome, you’ll board another First Class train and head to Naples for your private transfer to Sorrento. Your stay on the Amalfi Coast extends over four nights, which means there’s plenty of time to lap up the sun, sea, sights and sounds of Italy’s glorious Sorrentine Peninsula. This region is easily one of the most stunning parts of Europe. Its unrivalled beauty consists of spectacular coastlines, enchanting bays and charming seaside villages, offering a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Italy by rail

Of course, Sorrento remains a busy spot, its beauty and sophistication drawing crowds from across the globe. But despite its popularity, Sorrento maintains a calmness and elegance that other seaside resorts simply can’t offer. It is also an ideal base for exploring the rest of the area, such as the lush green countryside in the south, the archaeological gems of the north, and the magical island of Capri offshore.
This Planet Rail Italian adventure is suitable for all, whether you favour a bright and buzzing town or a blissful, balmy beach. It is the perfect opportunity to explore Italy’s best bits, complete with pleasant, stress-free connections aboard First Class daytime trains. To find out more about this holiday and the other holidays on offer at Planet Rail, please get in touch with one of our friendly experts on 01347 825292.