Belmond Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman Planet Rail Holidays

Breathtakingly beautiful, a palette of natural colours mixed to delicate perfection, textures so vivid and contrasting they bring this masterpiece to life. Only this isn’t an artist’s painting we’re talking about, this is the view from the Belmond Royal Scotsman, an experience in life that is sure to awaken the senses in every way.

Established in 1985 by Great Scottish and Western Railway Co., The Royal Scotsman has become an exclusive way to experience the beauty of Scotland. In 2005 Belmond Ltd took over the running of the train and restored as well as upgraded the Pullman cars creating a stylish and luxurious country hotel on wheels.

The carefully selected colours, textures and fabrics reflect the colours of the Highlands while the carriages have a relaxed feel that envelops you in the warmth and wonder that is Scotland. With hints of rich purples to reflect the Scottish Thistle, warm earthy tones that reflect the colours of a fine rich whisky and gleaming lacquer polished to perfection provides an environment of both style and comfort. Christened in 2007 as the ‘Belmond Royal Scotsman’ the train and the railway experience lead the way when it comes sophisticated travel.

Royal Scotsman Planet Rail Lounge

Only onboard The Royal Scotsman will you find a timeless and elegant atmosphere that instantly creates an opportunity to relax and escape the busy world outside. A room with a view of the stunning natural scenery around you will help you to unwind and be immersed in the experience of luxury rail travel. As you travel allow yourself to be soothed by the sounds and movements of the train, leave the modern world behind and escape into a world of natural beauty, fine dining and pure relaxation.

In addition to the fine quality surroundings onboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman you’ll also find an exquisite dining experience, with local produce and fresh ingredients provided at each meal you can be sure of a truly sumptuous selection of divine Scottish flavours all carefully prepared by the expert chefs.

With delicate wines to accompany your meals and fine Scottish whiskeys to conclude, select your finest evening wear and enjoy a night like no other. Don’t forget to take a stroll to the open-air observation platform at the end of the carriages where you can admire every last drop of that fine whisky along with each moment of the setting sun.

While travelling through the beautiful scenery you would never imagine you could visit a spa? Now leading the way in pampering rail travel is the newly refurbished Spa carriage the ‘Bamford Haybarn’. Providing an array of high-end beauty therapies and relaxing treatments you can now enjoy a totally new experience while travelling through the wondrous scenery of Scotland and enjoying all that this travel experience has to offer.

A journey that captures cascading mountains and valleys, dramatic castles, lochs so fresh and pure and wildlife to admire it’s sure to be a wonderful experience. So step aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman and take a journey that will paint a lifetime of memories in your mind.

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