A modern ride aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian

Waiting smartly at the platform sits a train glistening and gleaming in midnight blue and silver, the Belmond Grand Hibernian awaits you. You’ll be greeted by a host of staff suited to perfection ready to take you off on an exquisite whirlwind adventure through the Emerald Isles.

As you step aboard the train you’ll escape into a world of modern luxury, a space filled with traditional elements, locally inspired décor exquisitely pulled together in a chic contemporary style, a ride aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian is sure to be a delightfully modern experience in a stylish traditional way.

The carriages are inspired by the Georgian architecture in Dublin and have a contemporary take on the classical elements, clean sophisticated lines and delicate details create a look that is both appealing and relaxing.

The furnishings reflect the colours and natural beauty of the landscape and heritage of Ireland. A welcoming and luxurious cabin awaits you with colours that are reflected from the tartans of the county the cabin is named after. For example, ‘Kerry’ has hints of purples and blues, ‘Waterford’ is shades of green and ‘Down’ has essences of oranges and browns, a unique approach to encasing you in the natural beauty of Ireland and creating a stylish and modern environment to relax in.

Your cabin will provide the most comfortable space to rest and recharge while aboard this luxury train. You can expect to slumber down in Irish duck down bedding encased in crisp white linen, glossy wood panelling, locally sourced furnishings and a light, soothing environment.

What’s more, imagine the relaxing rhythm of the train as it gently meanders through the landscape, views cascading and opening up all around, dramatic coastal cliffs softly dissolving into rumbling hills and rolling into vibrant cities waiting to be explored.

Architecture, ancient ruins, castles and wildlife are just some of the scenes captured in your memory like a postcard picture ready to send home. More than a journey, a story of romance, history and scenery to capture you forever and envelope you in an experience that is simply breathtaking.

Luxury, comfort and elegance are not only kept for the cabins and carriages of the train but also form the basis for our stunning dining experiences while aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

There is a choice of two dining carriages. The first being the ‘Sligo’ which has relaxed colours, warm wood tones and crystal vases that create a tranquil environment to dine, whether its breakfast to start the day or an evening meal with luxury silver accents glistening in the evening light.

Secondly, the ‘Wexford’ is a light and airy space full of Irish tweeds, Celtic motifs and with tables set for six, it creates the perfect opportunity to meet new people, share stories and enjoy the journey even more.

With such a unique rail experience the Grand Belmond Hibernian is like no other, contemporary, chic and bursting with beauty both on board and in the views, travelling through the scenery of Ireland will leave you with memories of a modern journey wrapped in pure luxury.

To find out more about the Belmond Grand Hibernian or our holidays to Ireland and beyond, call 01347 825292.