Train Holiday Memoirs – A Planet Rail Customer’s Account of their Train Holiday to Switzerland & Italy by Rail Part 2

September 19, 2014

Edinburgh Waverley Station

Having been up all night watching the results of the big vote (The Sottish Referendum on Independence) we arrive at Edinburgh Waverley station tired but relieved and ready to start our much anticipated train holiday.

It would have been sad to go away and to think that everything would be changed when we got back.

In reality, Edinburgh was the same as it always had been; no one would have known anything had happened as we arrived at the station.

There were no big celebrations but then we had expected that would be the case.

But now we have an adventure to embark on, travelling from Edinburgh to London, on through France to Switzerland and Italy. Exciting!

So here we are sitting waiting for the off and longing for some sleep.

Breakfast on East Coast

Mel started the journey in appropriate style by asking for a ‘Full English’ breakfast as our train departs Edinburgh. He’s politely but promptly reminded it is, in fact, a ‘Great British’ Breakfast…

A few hours later and the 8.30 East Coast service from Edinburgh to London arrives at King’s Cross Station

Arriving at kings cross train holiday

We knew the moment our adventure began to feel like a holiday when we saw this sign at St. Pancras International Station.

Press for champagne - trail holiday

The luxurious experience continued when we arrived in Paris by Eurostar. We were delighted to see our name being held aloft by a taxi driver when we arrived at the station in Paris.

Our pick up had been arranged by so thanks to Guy for organizing everything – the driver was spot on time. Unfortunately, my attempt to praise him for his punctuality in French rather cataclysmically seemed to result in him thinking I was chastising him for being late.

I dug myself in deeper each time I tried a new way of saying it – sometimes it’s better to quit whilst you’re behind!

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