Train Holiday Memoirs – A Planet Rail Customer’s Account of their holiday to Switzerland & Italy By Rail Part 1

At Planet Rail we know that a rail holiday taking in the sights and senses of a multitude of cultures and countries is a wonderful thing, and we’re always happy to share as many of our own thoughts and experiences as possible with new travellers.



…Sometimes, a more personal view is a valuable addition to our expertise and knowledge, and two of our customers, Gill & Mel Green, have very kindly allowed us to share their own train holiday experiences on a journey they took with Planet Rail in Autumn 2014 travelling from London to Switzerland & Italy by rail.
Train Holiday Quote
The experiences, photography, and commentary are all courtesy of Gill and Mel; we’ve simply paraphrased in places, but otherwise this is their account – (not ours!) – and we hope this helps anyone considering a train holiday to get a better feel for all the elements that surround it.
We’re hugely grateful to Gill & Mel for allowing us to publish their experiences, and look forward to hearing about their next train holiday adventures to France in May.

So, Gill & Mel begin their travels In Edinburgh…

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