Rail Travel: A Greener Way to Travel

Rail travel emits ten times less CO2 (carbon dioxide) compared to flying to the same destination. Air travel is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, traveling by an alternative form of transport such as by rail is one way in which we can reduce our individual carbon footprint and limit the impact our travel has on the environment.


Aeroplanes emit CO2 emissions directly into the atmosphere and emit millions of tonnes of CO2 every year. Eurostar commissioned detailed research into exactly how much CO2 is produced during one of their most popular rail journeys. The study looked at the Eurostar route between London and Paris. A return flight from Heathrow to Paris, released 122kg of CO2 per passenger, compared to just 10.9kg per passenger during the rail journey from St Pancras to Paris.

Budget airlines, competitive pricing and an increase in flight routes has meant that the number of people choosing air travel has steadily increased over recent years. The environmental impact of flying includes noise pollution and gas emissions.

Train holidays offer an alternative, greener way to travel. Train travel is the perfect way to take in a number of different countries all in one trip. Europe has an extremely well-connected network of train routes that allow seamless travel between countries without stepping on a plane.


The High Speed 1 rail line from St Pancras International means faster journey times to and from the continent. Train travel through Europe is simpler, smoother and easier than ever before.

There are many benefits of rail travel over flying:

–          No long queues at check-in or delays at the airport

–          No airport security to go through

–          You can keep your luggage with you

–          Relax in comfort and take in the ever-changing scenery

–          Bring your own food and drink for the journey

–          Move freely around the train during your journey

–          Arrive relaxed and in the heart of your destination

Here at Planet Rail we are committed to providing a greener way to travel, all of our rail holidays are carbon neutral at no extra cost. We have a wide range of European rail holidays including the iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to Venice, Rome by First Class rail, beautiful Lake Garda and journeys further afield like the Trans-Siberian Express.

We offer a flexible service that allows you to tailor your holiday to suit you. To find out more information about any of our train holidays please get in touch.