Classic Scottish cuisine

Fine shades of green pitted with shades of purples and greys, delicate hues of browns and creams and textures so varied they make your eyes sparkle with anticipation. The view being described is not that out of the window as the Belmond Royal Scotsman meanders along with a gentle rhythm, but the view of the… Read more »

The Shongololo Express

Back in the 1980s, a gentleman named Rohan Vos bought and restored a few vintage train carriages and steam locomotive with the intention to use them as a private hotel on wheels for his family and friends to enjoy holidays in the countryside. However, he soon discovered this was a very expensive way to travel.… Read more »

Belmond Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman Planet Rail Holidays

Breathtakingly beautiful, a palette of natural colours mixed to delicate perfection, textures so vivid and contrasting they bring this masterpiece to life. Only this isn’t an artist’s painting we’re talking about, this is the view from the Belmond Royal Scotsman, an experience in life that is sure to awaken the senses in every way. Established… Read more »

A modern ride aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian

Waiting smartly at the platform sits a train glistening and gleaming in midnight blue and silver, the Belmond Grand Hibernian awaits you. You’ll be greeted by a host of staff suited to perfection ready to take you off on an exquisite whirlwind adventure through the Emerald Isles. As you step aboard the train you’ll escape… Read more »

The Orient Express In Literature & On Screen

Orient Express Welcome

The divine elegance and grandeur of a train personifying the glamour of the golden age – it can only be the Venice Simplon Orient Express. And of course, the world’s most famous train has been experienced by some of the world’s most famous people. Below we’ve tracked down some of the best examples of the… Read more »

A brief history of the Trans-Siberian Express

Trans-siberian express engine

One of the greatest undertakings of the 19th and early 20th Century was the construction of the Trans- Siberian Railway. Without doubt this is one of Russia’s most magnificent accomplishments. It was in 1891 on the 31st of May when Tsar Alexander III and his son marked the start of construction with a Church service.… Read more »

Discovering The Swiss Chocolate Train

chocolate-train montreux planet rail

The Chocolate Train in Switzerland…A dream or reality? This train is very much a reality but full of the things that dreams are made of. Sweet tooth lovers will be in awe at the ‘The Chocolate Train’. A train fully dedicated to the world’s most delightfully delicious, delicate and tempting sweet treats. Boarding at the… Read more »

How do I book a trip on the “Orient Express”?

Book A Trip On The Orient Express ~ Through Planet Rail (of course…)! So you’re considering booking a trip on the Orient Express? Though it will be on the Venice Simplon Orient Express as the traditional Orient Express is technically retired at the time of writing. There are many vendors out there selling a wide range… Read more »

How Much Does The Orient Express Cost?

How much is it to travel on the Orient Express? Orient Express Cost Uncovered. “How much does the Orient Express Cost?” A great question we often get asked is ‘How much is the Orient Express?’   So, how much does the Orient Express cost? Well, again, we should highlight that  the “Orient Express” doesn’t technically… Read more »

Where Does The Orient Express Go?

Where Does The Orient Express Go? One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is “where does the Orient Express go?” This is a little bit complicated so we had better start at the beginning… The ‘Orient Express’ was a regular scheduled train service which ceased to operate in 2009. The train often… Read more »

Train Days Out Across the UK

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. We thought we’d start the year with a post to introduce you to some fantastic days out to in the UK that celebrate our iconic railways right here in Blighty.               We are lucky to have such fascinating history in this country,… Read more »

Orient Express Holidays review from our customers

We always ask our travellers to feed back to us on their holidays and love to hear how their trips went. So we’ve taken a few of our most recent pieces of feedback and think you’ll find them interesting – we think they give a really good picture of what one of our favourite and most popular Orient… Read more »

El Transcantábrico Clasico – An Unforgettable Journey Through Green Spain By First Class Rail

El Transcantábrico train

Discover the delights of north Spain aboard the Transcantábrico, one of the world’s finest tourist trains. Climb up the picturesque mountains, wind through the lush valleys and stream past the glorious coastlines of the country’s northern region, punctuating your journey with visits to Spanish gems including Palencia, Bilbao and Gijon. El Transcantábrico Clasico offers a week-long train… Read more »